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Feb 11, 2012 10:59 AM

Is there a visiting page?

My partner and I are going to be able to visit San Fransisco and then move on to Chicago. I'm looking to find tasting menu meals in both cities. Is there a page or site set aside for visitor information? We are not real foodies, but do enjoy having a good meal and being exposed new things in food. We have been able to eat at the Inn in Little Washington and several getaway spots in upstate New York. Money is an issue, but we understand good food can cost good money. We will be starting our trip in early June and will hit Chicago during the second week. Want to start early in case reservations are called for.

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  1. There are boards dedicated to food in the San Francisco area and the Chicago area, and that's where you should ask your questions (after you search to see whether the information you need is already posted there).

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      thanks for the information, just joined today. Learning ropes.

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        Welcome! I hope you get all the help you need to have a fine vacation.

    2. At the top of many boards, there is a topic about how to post to get the best response. Here it is from SF.

      It helps to read the board a bit and maybe come up with a few restaurants that interest you. As the above link states provide as much info you can give about the trip such as days of the week you will be visiting, budget, whether you will have a car and other info the more response you will get.

      Here's a recent link on the SF board to get you started

      In your post, it would help to say what restaurants appealed to you and people will take it from there.