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Feb 11, 2012 10:07 AM

Chili left out overnight question!

hey all I made a pot of chili last night I used stew meat and pre cooked the meat but some had a little pink in it. Anyway I cooked on high for about 3 hours ate some and then turned it off to let it cool. I left it out overnight in the crock covered and then put it in the fridge when I noticed it this AM. You think it's ok to eat?

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  1. Yes, provided you reheat it to a sufficient temperature before eating, and avoid cross contamination, such as by stirring while reheating, then using the spoon to eat with.

    1. I have done this many times with no ill effects- including this week with the chili I made for the Stupor Bowl.

      1. I would dump it. If there was botulism in it, reheating only kills the botulism, not the toxin they leave behind.

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          1. The reason for the confusion in the responses is that there are two different questions being considered:

            1. Is the food certain to be safe to eat? Answer: no

            2. Is there a procedure which will ensure that the food is safe to eat? Answer: yes

            In between is the question whether one will get ill if the particular food in question is eaten without resorting to procedures which destroy the possible causes of food poisoning. No one can answer that question with authority, short of a microbiologist in a laboratory. You pay your money and you take your choice, as they say.

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              I thought it took higher than boiling temperatures to kill the botulism toxins with surety? In other words a pressure cooker.

              I wouldn't advise anybody else on the matter but if it were mine, I would eat it.

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                It's the other way around. It takes higher than boiling temps to kill the bacteria. The toxin is destroyed by boiling for 15 minutes.