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Feb 11, 2012 08:53 AM

Do you cook/eat differently when it's only yourself?

I'm solo for 2 weeks while husband is traveling for business. Making a mental list of what I want to eat during this time. On my list of favorites so far are confit duck legs, grilled bone-in rib-eye, steamed dungeness crab, braised pork belly, wild mushroom risotto, and the only thing I haven't attempted thus far, an uni pasta dish (fresh pasta as well). What would your solo favorite list look like?

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  1. Would appreciate any tried & true recipes for your uni pasta dish. TIA.

    1. yes, i absolutely do. I eat very clean, plain, and sometimes a TON when I'm alone--I need a lot of food to feel satisfied and I'm a small girl so it looks kind of freaky for me to eat so much. lol. So I try to scale it back around others.

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        LOL...I've always had a good appetite but I can relate to eating around others.

      2. In that there are some foods that my partner doesn't eat (pork, shellfish, etc.), I tend to OD on these when I'm cooking just for myself.

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        1. When I'm cooking just for myself, I eat crap. Total crap. Mac & cheese from a blue box. Instant ramen. Potato/tortilla chips. Fast food burgers and tacos. Spam. A whole pot of rice.

          I used to think my primary motivation for cooking well was because it's a way I can show my love for my family, but lately, I've been thinking it may be a more selfish thing: I'm showing off. I'm a good cook and I know it, so I don't have to prove it to myself. But when I whip up something fancy for Mrs. ricepad from a pantry full of seemingly unrelated items and she wonders how in the hell I managed it...that's satisfaction. But on my own, I eat crap.

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            I've been known to fry up a can of Spam, a pot of white rice, and eggs over medium. Salty & crispy is one of my favorite flavors/textures.

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              I was just wondering, does Spam go into the "total crap" or just the "crap" category?

              1. re: rcspott

                Depends on how it's prepared and served.

              2. re: ricepad

                Yep, me too sometimes. Or I'll eat something weird, like a head of iceberg or romaine lettuce (guilty pleasures in other words) and a couple of slices of the most exotic cheese in the fridge.

                1. re: EWSflash

                  Or a box of Kraft mac & cheese, or some pasta with a bunch of crumbled gorgonzola mixed in and microwaved. Really, that's my big-time favorite.
                  I thought imight look like a wannabe anorexic, but that's not it. I like what I like whether it's a head of romaine of a huge gutbomb.

                2. re: ricepad

                  I can totally relate to that, in fact, I'm laughing it's so dead on me. I'm not going shopping for just me unless I know my wife is gone for a couple of weeks. Hot dogs. Tuna. Omelets. Prepackaged Indian microwave. I keep a smoked kielbasa in the freezer for exactly those times.

                  If I do get motivated, it'll be one huge pot of bigos or something that'll last me a week. I'll eat it every day, maybe even twice a day.

                  Lots of things I'd LIKE to make when alone because my wife won't eat them. Stuffed cabbage, Tongue. Menudo. Sweetbreads. A good clam sauce (in shell) or mussels over pasta. Invariably when given the opportunity, I opt for lazy.

                  1. re: Panini Guy

                    If not for the bigos (never had it), I'd say you were me! I do the same, tho, with jook or MY chili (Mrs. ricepad's family recipe has BEANS in it, fer cryin' out loud!). With you on the hot dogs, and a joke, my brother got me a box of frozen White Castle sliders, and I have to admit...I freakin' LOVE 'em!

                3. Much more game would be cooked than when my partner is around. And east asian food.

                  She's not too keen on either so it gives me chance to cook when she is away.

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                  1. re: Harters

                    Not much game available around here, but E. Asian cuisine especially Korean & Japanese I definitely enjoy quite a bit.