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Nov 26, 1999 12:15 PM

Great Irish Pub In San Diego!

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Anyone who likes good Irish food, such as shepherd's pie, bangers and champ, and boxty will LOVE The Field, a terrific Irish pub on 5th Ave. in the Gaslamp! The phone number is (619)232-9840. They have a wonderful lamb stew on Sundays, along with live musicians and Irish dancers. The portions are good, and the prices reasonable. On our last trip, my Pet Man and I had the salmon and shrimp boxty, a nice filet of salmon and fresh shrimp wrapped in a potato pancake with a delicious, light sauce. We've also sampled the aforementioned shepherd's pie, and bangers and champ (creamy mashed potatoes with green onion), as well as a few other house specialities, and have yet to find anything disappointing! If you don't have to drive home, ask about the whisky- and beer-tasting "courses" available. Slainte!

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