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Feb 11, 2012 07:17 AM

Loca Luna (Ballston Spa) anyone been recently?

Anyone been to Loca Luna?

These TU and Yelp posts got me wondering about the place:

Is it worth a try or should I stick to my rule about not eating Mexican food in the East?

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  1. My comments are among the Yelp ones, we haven't felt the need to rush back.

    Cheryl Clark did a review in the T.U. last November.

    FDR, I think you need to become more adventurous if you are looking for Mexican in our area. Try La Mexicana Grocery & Restaurant in Schenectady.

    or if you are really adventurous, Mexican Market in Albany.

    Now we're talking Mexican cooking! Looking forward to you reporting back! ;>)

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    1. re: Roger K

      My husband and I finally made it to La Mexicana last night and we were happy campers.

      A very pleasant woman greeted us from behind the counter when we came in. She was also our waitress and was happy to help us decide what to order. She brought us a basket of warm chips w/salsa and also two squeeze bottles of different not very spicy salsas (one red, one green).

      I had the steak "combo" which was a very large platter with thin steak, beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce/tomato, and warm tortillas. Enjoyed it all except the beans; black beans blended to an almost watery consistency. I do think I would try something different next time.

      My husband had four tacos: steak, chicken, chorizo and pork. He said they were excellent. He did tell me afterward that he would have liked some spicier salsa to put on them [insert friendly marital argument of "i'm sure they have some -- next time just ask"].

      On the waitress' recommendation, I had a horchata to drink. I had never had one before and found it lightly sweet and refreshing. I think it was probably made using the mix that they sell in the grocery. Hubby had been eyeing the tres leches cake that we saw served to a man at another table, but we were so full that he had to pass. Next time!

      1. re: fisher

        Stopped in at La Mexicana yesterday afternoon for a light snack. Food was excellent as always.
        They've renovated the dining room. It looks much nicer now (no more cable spools for tables). There is now a full bar and a small stage. The waitress said they have music and dancing on Saturday nights.

        1. re: fisher

          Wow, that has to be a pretty small stage and dance area. I haven't been in the restaurant area in awhile, but I continue to go into the grocery section to pick up my tortillas. I'll have to look into the other side the next time I'm there. Thanks, fisher.