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Feb 11, 2012 05:48 AM

Lehigh valley deli?

Looking for a good old fashion deli in lehigh valley area. What i am looking for is some good smoked kielbasa or wedding suasage.

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  1. Try the Allentown Farmers market at the fairgrounds. There's a small stand that sells kielbasa and Pierogies. There's two stands close to each other, the better one is one with people coming out of northeast PA- may be Gdynias.

    Qmart farmers market in Quakertown also has many butchers/ meat purveyors.

    1. Try Saylor's in Hellertown - they have wonderful sausages (they are also at the Saucon Valley farmers market)

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        Qmart in quakertown has some good smoked meats. Try Davis Meats. Home made smoked sausage. Another place there sources their sausages from Lancaster County.