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Feb 11, 2012 05:26 AM

Bland crabcakes

I understand the idea of letting the flavor of crab shine, but am I the only one who finds crabcakes to be sometimes bland and a bit dry? I love the taste of crab but am looking for a little zing in my crabcakes. Any suggestions?

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  1. How do you usually make them? What is your recipe? More information, please.
    What spices do you use? What crab do you use?

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    1. re: wyogal

      yes, please.

      they always need acid and more salt than you think. i always use some dijon and some tabasco in mine. chilling before cooking means you can use less filler.

      1. re: hotoynoodle

        Yep, and depending on the crab, too. Some are less flavorful than others. I love crab cakes. I had some in Virginia last June while on vacation, along with various chowders. Ah-mazing.

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          Agree about dijon, lemon, salt and tabasco although I use red pepper. I also add some Old Bay.

        1. Lemon or lime zest adds a flavor you can't get with the juice alone--and it's nice to grate a little on top right before serving--Meyer if you've got it.

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          1. re: escondido123

            +1 on the lemon zest, and a squeeze of lemon juice at the table.