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Feb 10, 2012 09:51 PM

Croatian food/grocer

Does anyone know if a Croatian grocery store or deli exists in Calgary? Or if any stores carry Croatian food?

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  1. A grocery store justoped in Braeside behind Tim Hortons I think it is called Kalinka s they seem to have a lot of Europeon items, it may have what you are looking for. Its on Braeside drive & 24th

    1. You might try Kalamata. Mainly Greek, but they carry a lot of European products.

      1. We go to Croatia regularly as we bought a house there so if you are looking for something difficult to find here just ask and I will see whether I can bring it back with us. We go next in May.

        1. I like Maria's Market in the NE. It is Romanian, which is relatively close to Croatia geographically, although I'm not sure how close the food would be. In any case, their website has a very thorough list of products (all in Romanian, but with pictures) so you could take a look before making a trip.

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            Romanian food is my FAVORITE! You have no idea how excited I am to learn about Maria's Market! Multumesc!

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              Cu placere! They have been in the city for several years and have even expanded the store, so I hope their business is going strong. I like to stock up on their cheese buns and frozen mititei meat from time to time. I'm sure you will have some favourites to check out too.

          2. I have been looking for Chevapcici(chevapchichi) and kajmak(kaimak) in Calgary and would love to find a store that carries them.

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              I don't think you will find cevapcici - either you make it yourself or find a butcher willing to make it for you - you supply the recipe - there are many recipes - I like Serbian style with paprika and parsley included. I've a number of recipes. I've successfully made it without stuffing into skins - in fact, in Croatia, it was always served to me on a skewer - not a sausage.