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Feb 10, 2012 08:59 PM


We will be in Tampa for 3 nights on business and want really GREAT food...fresh local ingredients.
We tried Armani's last time and were disappointed - have had much better. Below is a list I've culled from many posts.and would love your advice in narrowing down or adding a great place I left out. Thanks!

Osteria Natalia
The Refinery
Café Ponte – Cleaqrwater
Mise en Place
Grille One Sixteen
Seasons 52

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  1. I am surprised no one has respondend. I don't get out as much as I used to, but I follow the comments on Tampa closely, and I have a feel for who the knowledgeable posters are. That said, based on what I have been reading, The Refinery has gotten very mixed reviews of late. Also, no one has mentioned Grill One Sixteen for quite a while.

    Pane Rustica is always popular.

    You may want to try Vizcaya for tapas.

    Otherwise, your choices are solid

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      THANK YOU!

      It seems that Pane Rustica has more comments than Osteria Natalia. We're having to cut the trip short. Any other suggestions as to edit for 3 nights? Being from New York, is one of these really GREAT Italian? If not, I'd rather skip Italian anne go for more Florida flavor.

    2. I am going to suggest that you check this thread from January.

      1. One of my new favorites is Wimauma (the restaurant, not the town). It's in South Tampa, off Gandy. They do that nouveau Southern thing well. And what I love about them is that it's all locally-sourced. The menu changes about every other day depending on the ingredients local farmers bring them. Best shrimp n grits I've ever had. The citrus mahi mahi and the beef two ways were also incredible. Delicious fried green tomato appetizer as well.

        1. Just had a great lunch at The Columbia in Ybor City, 7th ave at 21st street. Really good cuban food. lunch for 2 was $35.

          Had dinner last night at the Fox Jazz Cafe on Kennedy at the 7 mile bridge. Hard to find, take a cab! Really fantastic atmosphere, great scallops. Might go back tonight for the macadamia nut crusted grouper with a burre blanc sauce. We are here till tuesday for meetings too. Looking forward to more food.