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Feb 10, 2012 08:55 PM

South Granville Eating

From West to Go Fish to Cru and Vij's, might as well try to group these guys together. For anyone from out of town all these restaurants are within a few blocks of each other....

Mark Taylor (Cru) has just opened another place on W.12th in the former Thai Spice (Star Anise) space called Siena. More casual than Cru with some former Cin Cin chefs among others. Looks like it might actually stick as a concept.

Anyone remember when that space was called Basils??

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  1. That zone is a bit of a minefield. Suppose we'd better toss Lin's (their XLBs, anyway) into the mix. Suika's lunch is looking much better than dinner based on a recent test (hello portabello mushroom set). And down by the bridge I enjoy Paul's for breakfast fare, though it suffers a bit from the two bucks too much syndrome. Dim sum at Fortune Garden can be decent, though the har gow are as big as your head. Can't think of much else worthwhile but would love to hear what I'm missing as that's all walking distance to work for me.

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      There's Ouisi Bistro on Granville @ 14 Ave, a place I never quite got their angle, and while overall the food is alright, I never really felt compelled to go there as a destination, only going because I happen to be in the area. Having said that they've withstood the test of time so kudos.

      Portobello Ristortante on Broadway between Granville & Hemlock is pretty good.

      There's that ramen place just to the east of Cru, but never eaten there.

      There's Memphis Blues BBQ House. Somehow I mention them with some trepidation.

      There's Mochikas Peruvian Cafe on 5th Ave @ Pine ....... been wanting to try them for awhile !

      Appollonia (Greek) at the corner of Fir & 2nd Ave has been around for awhile, but changed owners so I can't attest to their current status.

    2. Been a few years since I've been to Café Salade de Fruits.

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        Good one, reliable classic bistro food. Love an omelette baveuses, pomme frites and salade verte for a late lunch.

      2. There's Kyo an AYCE sushi and Korean BBQ place upstairs around Granville and 14th in the old Shabusen location. Pretty typical AYCE affair, not horrible, not great.

        In that same vein, I actually have really enjoyed Kaneda at Broadway and Hemlock, also upstairs. Used to be FIsh on Rice. I've been a few times and it's the best AYCE I've been to in Vancouver. Good selection, good quality. Don't feel like you're totally paying the AYCE tax (massive chunks of rice, super low roller fish) that you do at most places.

        I love the chorizo scrambler at Caffe Barney. One of my hang over guilty pleasures.

        I still love Vij's, and I really like the portobello mushroom and paneer curry at Rangoli.

        There's a new Go Fish which was okay the one time I've been.

        I still occasionally do Maurya for their lunch buffet. Sometimes it's really crappy, sometimes it's really good. Can't really figure it out.

        Cheesecake Etc. always has a ton of people late night.

        1. Todd's on 6th has oyster nights Thu and Fridays. I haven' t been. (I hear Todd was a former partner at Rodney's). It is a just a regular panini cafe during the day.

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            Yeah, sis lives in the building and was trying to get me to rearrange my ski schedule in March to coincide for a visit to Todd's. I think she said something about someone taking over the kitchen in the evening once a week and using it to test recipes. If you let them know in advance, they'll slot you in. For the life of me, I can't remember the guy's Chow handle but I think he'd know more about Todd's. Brain like sieve moment, have even tried trolling old posts to find it...argh...

            1. re: bdachow

              Yeah, David Gunawan is doing his ph5 nights at Todd's.

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                bdachow - I have ph5's contact info in case you need it. I went to their second dinner featuring a 21-day aged quail which was excellent. One of the best meals I have had in recent memory. (I actually attended it with farman!)

                1. re: fmed

                  Thanks Fmed but I've probably got 2 dinners in Vancouver next trip around and it'll get spent with family most likely.

            2. Thanks for the intel on Siena, totally missed that. The menu looks promising (arancine/i!) and this would be so convenient for dindin with the inlaws. I wonder if they take resos? Will give them a few weeks to settle in and then check it out.

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              1. re: grayelf

                Stopped by for an early dinner tonight. I overheard they don't take resos. Cosy room, friendly staff, and it felt open with the windows looking onto w 12th. Everything's Mediterranean, including the wines. Had a couple of the bruschettas: the mushroom and marscapone and (my fave) fig, chevre and walnuts. The ravioli of braised lamb was delicious, and I liked the hint of orange zest on top. Then had the rich choco-marshmallow tart with marscapone chantilly and schmear of maple syrup caramel. I'd like to try their risottos next time. It gets busy pre- and post-Stanley theatre productions.

                1. re: el_lobo_solo

                  Too bad no resos had planned to try it but no dice.