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Feb 10, 2012 08:26 PM

Romantic date restaurant but not too pricey!

My boyfriend and I are going to be in Chicago at the end of Feb for a few days. One night we'd like to go out for a nice dinner and maybe dancing, or a bar with a DJ afterward.

We're in our 20's, we'd like something hip but not casual, and we'd like to keep it at $100 or less per person.

Any ideas? We'd probably be in the city area and are willing to go into downtown if need be. Thanks!

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  1. Paris Club and Hub 51 would probably work. Then go to Sub 51 for dancing afterwards.

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      Paris Club is underwhelming and doesn't really hit me as romantic.

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        What restaurants would you recommend?

    2. What kind of food do you two enjoy? Plenty of options in the city. Also, what area of the city are you staying in?

      If you're staying around the loop, Piccolo Sogno, Sable, Avec, Girl and the Goat, Maude's Liquor Bar, and Carnivale are some nice choices. Piccolo Sogno's excellent Italian in a very classy setting - I'd say the most romantic out of the choices I've listed.

      Sable is shared plates at the base of a hotel, so it's classy but modern. Avec and Girl and the Goat are also great Mediterranean-inspired shared plates. They're both in West Loop - which you can think of as New York's meatpacking district circa 2005 - hot restaurants surrounded by lofts in old warehouses.. Should be noted that Avec doesn't take reservations and has communal tables. Girl and the Goat is a hard get in terms of reservations, but you can try calling. They also have a communal area open for walk-ins.

      Maude's Liquor Bar is a trendy french place in the west loop. Dark and moody. Certainly romantic.

      Carnivale's a bit of an experience for going out. Latin food in a loud (visually as well) environment.

      If you're a bit north of the city, Home Bistro is a wonderful spot.

      1. I think The Bristol is a great choice, very hip. We were there last week and did two courses each with two cocktails each and the bill was $125ish. It's dim and cozy. Sounds like you might be driving and it's right off 90/94 with relatively easily street parking.

        I also love Piccolo Sogno! Although, I've never eaten inside. They're patio is gorgeous, but closed for the winter. So delicious!

        For a real romantic night check out Bon Soirée. A BYOB prix fixe well within your budget. A tiny (26 seats), cozy and hip place. One of my faces in the city!

        Have fun!

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          We'll only be in town for three days, and it's our first time in Chicago. We're going to try and stay along the red line but outside of downtown because it's a little cheaper.

          Thanks so much for these suggestions. Now it's going to be hard to pick which one!

          1. re: maylissa

            I second is intimate, chic, casual, and delicious. It's BYOB, but they just got a liquor licence and serve wine pairings, which might be convenient if you are traveling.