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Feb 10, 2012 07:44 PM

2012 - Gaumenkitzel [Berkeley]

Fabulous fresh smelt. Has anyone tried the Half Moon Bay herring?

They will have a special menu for Valentine's Day. It might be a great place to consider since they are not on the usual radar for dining out that day.

Address on yelp

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  1. We went tonight and had a splendid dinner. The place was quite full - unlike some of our previous visits. Whenever we eat here, i think we didn't return soon enough. Tonight, we enjoyed

    -a perfectly cooked piece of salmon served on fluffy mashed potatoes with a side of carrots
    -lightly dressed mixed greens salad
    -awesome braised red cabbage (one of the best vegetable sides ever)
    -a soft but thick seed bread with butter
    -a beef goulash with a rich and pepper but balanced broth
    -a Reisling on the edge of too sweet, but I asked for it that way

    So good, clean, fresh. Despite a very full house and minor delays, we had 2 people checking on us regularly. Server we recognized from previous visits was wonderful, warm, informed, and thoughtful.

    Will return regularly.

    1. A couple weeks ago, my parents had a two hour lunch here -- very slow service. They didn't mind because they were catching up with a friend. I want to go with someone who is touchy about being "ignored." Any other recent experiences with lunch? The current menu looks good.

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        To answer my own question, the service was lovely and not a bit slow. Though the place was more than half full we could talk easily. The Coho salmon special (crispy pan fried) was very good. My friend really liked her potato salad and sausage. Nice lunch!

        1. re: Glencora

          Yeah, I've only ever had very pleasant, reasonably-paced service at Gaumenkitzel. Two hour lunch! Maybe they were short-staffed that day...

        2. Four of us had a very nice meal here, early on a Sunday evening. Not many people there when we started, but about half-full when we left.

          We started with two house-made pretzels, then had four entrees from the "specials" menu: two pork belly ($18.50), two coho salmon ($17.50). The salmon was perfectly cooked. It came with arugula salad. We substituted spatzle for the mashed potatoes. The pork belly (roasted, with a beer sauce) was accompanied by mashed potatoes and caramelized onions.
          I'm not a connoisseur of German beer; we followed the waitress' suggestions and were very pleased. Portions were generous, so no room for dessert. Service was excellent.

          Good food, good value, highly recommended.

          1. it's our family's default restaurant in the area, because the food continue to be consistently great. We have 2 young children and they eat very well here, veggies and all - and their food is mostly not salty.

            Their Black Forest cake is wonderful.