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Best Red Velvet in Westchester?

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I've had Lulu's Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. the frosting is amazing but the cupcakes don't have the real Red Velvet taste. Any places you know that has a good Red Velvet please write. Thanks

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  1. Not in Westchester (just a quick trek south in the Bronx - in Riverdale) is Lloyd's. Their carrot cake is legendary, but they also make a very yummy red velvet.


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      Someone told me about their carrot cake being so good, so I was happy to see that they sell pieces and that you don't have to buy the whole cake. IMO it was meh. Kind of heavy. But if you can buy a piece of red velvet to try, you can make a decision on that separately.

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        lloyds carrot cake in the bronx makes great carrot cake and red velvet both whole and slices, worth the trip, and just over the border.www.lloydscarrotcake

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          Yes, I know, but I didn't love their carrot cake myself. It was a bit heavy and overly sweet, IMO. I like the one I make from The Best Recipe much better.