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Need to send a really nice food gift--what's the Russ and Daughters of LA?

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We will be staying with family for a few days and would like to send a really nice food gift as a thank you. If it were the east coast, we would do a delivery from Russ and Daughters.

What are some west coast options? Something luxurious and special....


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  1. There's no appetizing store in L.A. remotely close to Russ & Daughters. If that's the level of quality you're looking for, I'd just mail order from Russ & Daughters.

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      Second this. I just brought back a bunch of appy from Russ and Daughters because it's just plain impossible to get here. If you were looking for something similar but Angeleno-centric, I'd suggest Jin Patisserie.

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        OK, I'm convinced. I'm going to send them something from Russ and Daughters. They are originally East Coasters, and they love the smoked fish. Sounds like this is the best bet.

        But I definitely learned about some great LA sweets. Think I'll hit Little John's in the Farmer's Market during my visit!

    2. You can take a look at: http://cheesestorebh.com/ and see how it strikes you.

      1. i WISH there was a russ and daughters type place. unfortunately there isn't anything like it here. i order from josephsons smokehouse in astoria oregon when i need a fish gift or just for myself.

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            Maybe not luxurious, but this is the most LA-centric suggestion so far. I love Corn Maiden, and will remember this for when I need to send gifts to my family in Boston.

          2. If you're having it delivered anyway you might try Zingermans, http://www.zingermans.com/. Granted its neither west coast (Michigan), nor Russ and Daughters, but its excellent. Saveur magazine named it best sandwich bread in America last year.

            1. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far.

              One other idea: Sweets. Chocolate baked goods, in particular. My cousin will be having a birthday right after we leave, so I'd love to have an amazing cake or cupcakes or similar delivered to them. Ideas?

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                For sweets I love LittleJohn's handmade English toffee in the Farmers Market since the 1920's. The best in Los Angeles and maybe the best period.

                Farmers Market
                6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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                  i was going to rec Little John's even before the OP asked about sweets as well.

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                    LittleJohn's is damn good, and those boxes the candies come in are pretty damn cool.

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                  I'm not really a sweets person (leaves more room for cheese!) but even I can't resist the things at Jin Patisserie. She does the most beautiful designs of chocolate...and they taste as good as they look. She's in Venice, but she has a website. There are boxed selections. I'm sure she could do something fabulous for you!

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                    It used to be Mrs. Beasely's was the place to go for this. They have been absorbed by Cheryl's which I know nothing about. Nevertheless here is the website. Good luck. http://www.cheryls.com/product/mrs-be...

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                      Sweets for the Soul for some amazing Valrhona Brownies.

                      Sweets for the Soul
                      3169 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

                    2. If your family are typical westsiders, they would probably be more inclined to appreciate a big farm/fruit basket from Farmer's Market, Whole Foods, etc. Most of my local friends would really groan at getting a huge basket of brownies or other sweets. (We would eat it, but silently curse you.....)