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Feb 10, 2012 06:00 PM

Gen Sushi in Belmont is finally open

Gen Sushi, long awaited in the little storefront next to Golden Garden, is finally open. Tiny place - three tables and a 6-seat sushi bar.

First impressions generally positive. Generous fish portions, nice little touches (sushi portions topped, respectively, with tobiko, mint leaf w/ drop of sriracha, salmon caviar) and good rolls. Knife work perhaps a little bit rough. Brought a complimentary dish of edamame while we waited for a huge order just in front of us to be completed. Tempura at neighboring table was truly exquisite-looking.

Not cheap but a decent value.

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  1. link

    Gen Sushi
    61 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

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      Since CH is removing all the restaurant pages soon, I'm sorry to say, pointless to link! Rather unfortunate they are removing features instead of adding them.

      1. re: tatsu

        I'm with ya. I don't always know every street of every neighborhood in the city, and I really enjoy the map feature over there ----> letting me know if I am anywhere near the place the person is describing.

        Shame to see it go.

    2. Thanks for the report! How is their selection of cooked dishes?

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      1. re: nonaggie

        We didn't try any cooked dishes (except cooked eel on a roll, which was excellent) but as mentioned, the tempura going to an adjacent table looked outstanding.

      2. I just ate there myself. VERY generous portions. He just got a ginormous slab of Toro this morning.

        I agree, not the finest knifework, but just in terms of freshness, flavor, and presentation easily the best sushi I've had this year.

        For the $11 sushi lunch I got a very generous amount of absolutely pristine fish with miso and salad to start.

        Makes me a little sad, but I don't really have any reason to go to Toraya with this place on the block. The owners (chef and his wife) were very sweet.

        1. I got takeout from this place last night. Agree that the portions are generous and the fish very fresh. Lovely sweet people, gave me a cup of tea to have while waiting for my order (I had not called ahead, it was an impulse stop). I thought it was quite good but not up to the (admittedly high) standard set by Toraya. Rice was very dry by the time I finished my meal, which never happens with Toraya takeout. Still, it is on my way home some nights and right now anyway, viable as an impulse stop, which Toraya rarely is, as busy as they are. Everything I saw served while I was there was beautiful. Thanks samovar32 for the alert to this place!

          1. We tried it this week and echo all of the comments above. The place is tiny but quite nice inside, and the service was incredibly warm and friendly. As mentioned already, portion sizes were very generous. DC found the sushi fresher than our recent visits to Toraya; I really liked the agedashi tofu.