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Feb 10, 2012 05:46 PM

25 Burgers in Flemington

I received a flyer in my mailbox today announcing that the 25 Burgers restaurant in Flemington would be "opening February 2012". Seems they're cutting it a little close.

The restaurant is in the old Pizza Hut location, near PearlVision on Route 202S.

The sister restaurant in Branchburg opened recently and seems to be getting pretty favorable reviews.

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  1. I was at the Bound Brook location last week and the manager there said the Flemington store would be opening in two weeks, (and the Fairfield location will be opening shortly after the Flemington!)

    1. The 25 Burgers in Flemington is open and was doing a rip roaring business when I drove by late yesterday afternoon.

      When Five Guys opens, I guess the burger wars will truly begin! We will then have 25 Burgers, Cheeburger Cheeburger and Five Guys all within walking distance of one another. This assumes of course that you don't mind taking your life in your hands if you try to run across Route 202.

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        LOL, you can walk across 202 if you run!

      2. My husband and I ate lunch at the Flemington location yesterday. We both had the blue crab burger and it was excellent. The crab was extremely good and so was the roll. The staff is very friendly and the restaurant is very clean. We definitely will return soon.

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          We have eaten at 25 Burgers and have done take out. Their burgers are terrific...very fresh and not at all fast food. The Cajun chicken sandwich was wonderful, as was their basic cheese burger and veggie burger. The fries are also tasty, crispy and fresh. And, the hotdogs are excellent.
          The place is VERY clean, with a nice retro vibe. They play quite a bit of Beatles music, which we enjoyed.
          The staff is very nice, professional and very accommodating, and seems to have a sincere interest in opinions.
          It really is a very welcome addition...especially as Panera really had a lock on those who shop in the adjacent mall, especially after the Borders closed, which at least offered another option of sorts.
          Now there is another excellent choice..even within walking distance...and IMO, more budget friendly.

          If they maintain the quality level across the board, this place will be very successful. So far, it seems to be very busy every time I pass by regardless of time.

          Great job 25 Burgers..keep up the excellent work. :-)

        2. While visiting Flemington recently I sought out the new 25 Burgers restaurant because of how much I enjoyed my visits to the Bound Brook location. I must say there were several things I was extremely unhappy with during my visit. Firstly, when we entered the two girls who were manning the counter were applying makeup as they stood at the register. I am not talking applying a quick touch up of lipstick, one had powder all over her uniform shirt! (thankfully the other girl, who had been applying mascara waited on us) Not a good start for sure. When looking at the menu, I could not find my favorite item on the the Bound Brook location they have a $5 menu with several burgers/fires combos. Sadly at the Flemington location there is no $5 menu at all. Everything is Ala Carte. I asked for the double cheeseburger, fries and a 22 oz fountain drink, my dining companion had the phillyburger, cheese fries, and a 22 oz fountain drink as well. We also ordered an order of onion rings to split. The bill came to just over $30 dollars, which needless to say surprised us as when we ordered the same meal recently at the BB location it came to less than $20. When we asked about the differences in pricing, both of the cashiers simply looked blankly at us and shrugged. (no offer to ask the manager for assistance either) We took our seats to wait for the food, which did come quickly, about five minutes after we got our drinks and sat down. We were both terribly disappointed with the food. The onion rings were burnt, I am not talking well done extra crispy, I am talking charred. My double cheeseburger, turned out to the what I now know is the colossal burger, with two huge patties. Much more than I asked for, wanted, or could even consume. It was also dripping in grease. Not only was the bun soggy with grease, but the paper it was wrapped in, the tissue lining the paper tray and the tray itself were all saturated. I used about 15 napkins trying to mop up enough of the grease to be able to attempt to eat at least part of my burger. The fries, which at the BB location are wonderfully seasoned, came without the seasoning, but drenched in so much salt they were inedible. My companion's burger was also overly greasy. The cheese fries in the BB location are topped with yummy queso, here the fries were topped with what appeared to be melted cheesewiz.. I definitely will not be going back to the Flemington location, and others be ware of the pricing.

          1. stick with Sonic on rt 31. the brown bag special for $9.99 is always good. two burgers two tater tots or fries and two medium drinks. the receipt also has coupons on it . usually one for $1 off the brown bag special. good ice cream sundaes too. its a keeper for us