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Feb 10, 2012 05:11 PM

ISO Foodie Bed and Breakfast

I'm trying to plan a long weekend getaway for my husband and I. We love the bed and breakfast experience, but recently stayed at one whose 'gourmet' breakfast consisted of a chunk of baked scrambled eggs and a single frozen hash brown patty sprinkled with green onions.

If any fell 'hounders have stayed at a bed and breakfast in the area (i.e., within a 2 hour drive of Philadelphia) and enjoyed the food served I'd love some recommendations!

Thank you!

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  1. I'd recommend the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, MD.

    1. The Inn at Perry Cabin was my first thought, too. Closer to home is Whitewing Farm, just a stone's throw from Longwood Gardens.

      Edit: I just remembered that Whitewing Farm has new owners. I can't speak to how things might have changed. The place is really beautiful (I walked through once when it was open for Chester County Days and we have friends who stayed there and loved it), but if you're interested, you should call to ask about their breakfast service.

      1. Thank you both! I will check their websites. Much appreciated. :-)

        1. There is also the Inn at Montchanin just outside of Wilmington. It has a great spa and restaurant and is right in the middle of all of the museums: Winterthur, Longwood, Hagley, Brandywine River Museum and more.

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            I can second the Inn at Montchanin, although I live local to it. My firm has put many out-of-town attorneys there ( and if you don't think that THEY are high-maintenance and picky, you've never worked with attorneys, lol!), my friend and I go there every Saturday for breakfast and I've been to the spa many times. A generally nice place.

          2. We had a wonderful experience at Antrim House in Taneytown MD. They had a wonderful breakfast which was actually served by a full waitstaff. And they have a full restaurant on site (with an amazing wine cellar) and a full dinner service which really added to the experience.