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Oct 1, 1999 07:23 PM

acorn meal bread

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Does anyone know where to get acorn meal bread made from a traditonal recipe?

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  1. Does any one know if Acorn flour is commercially available in California?

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    1. re: Brian

      I can't find it for sale on line, but check out the interesting link below on using the stuff


      1. re: Jim Leff

        would like to find website that identifies
        each acorn with each type of oak which one
        were best and so forth, california only
        thank you

    2. When looking on the Net for Acron Flour (for a friend), I found the following:

      "Acorn mush was eaten by Native Americans almost everywhere in California. Prepared acorns have a lovely nutty flavor, and fixing them as described here is a bit of an adventure. For those interested in the dish but not wishing to devote a day to its preparation, acorn flour can be bought in most Korean grocery stores."

      Hope this is the information you were seeking.