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Raw milk

Where can I find a good reliable source of raw milk from grass fed cows in Montreal?

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  1. Nowhere! It's illegal to sell raw milk! The only way is to find a farmer who is willing to give you some...famers in Montreal....mmmm.... good luck!

    1. It's illegal in Quebec. You should check out this thread as you're not the first to ask about it.


      1. this is crazy,don't we sell unpasteurized cheese in Quebec?So what's the problem with unpasteurized milk.same difference.shit i never thought i would come upon a food issue that was bordering on politics.that's why I'm Canadian not American

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          You might want to actually read up on the differences between raw milk and cheese made from raw milk. It is not the "same difference" as you say. The process involved in the creation of cheese from raw milk neutralizes most, though not all, of the bacteria that are hazardous to humans in raw milk. As such, only pregnant women, young children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems are cautioned not to consume cheese made with raw milk.

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            You might want to read up on it as well... Raw milk from healthy animals(read: pastured, not CAFO) is almost impossible to contaminate. Every outbreak which has been thought to be raw milk has been traced back to either pasteurized milk or abused(read: CAFO) animals.

            Pasteurization was never intended for milk. It was originally developped under a commission from the vintners... When the big distilleries started opening up in london and other metropolises they discovered they had all the mash/must as waste product and wanted something to do with it. They figured, lets get in some cows and feed that to them and then sell the milk(which is pretty much the same thing the CAFOs do today). The milk was of poor quality and prone to infection, and people started getting sick from that milk(note, milk from the countryside was still safe), and when they started getting backlash because people were getting sick from their cheap milk the distilleries had the brilliant idea of using pasteurization to make the milk safe.

            Raw milk is probably the healthiest and safest way to drink milk, provided it comes from pastured healthy cows.

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              no. just no.

              There is nothing wrong with pasteurization, and is a necessary step in keeping milk safe.

              The problem is that people don't want to pay the prices for slow pasteurization which heats the milk at a lower temperature for a longer time preserving all the good stuff people want from raw milk. Due to volume and demand current pasteurization methods use high heat pasteurization for a very short time.

        2. You should try Craigslist and Kijiji, I've seen posts there! All farmers selling cowshares are in Ontario though.

          1. It may be a challenge to find a safe source. If your immune system is strong you can ignore the risks from puss and blood being in the milk.

            Infant mortality substantially declined when Pasteurization was made mandatory in Canada in the early 1900s.

            I've recently learned that Quebec dairy cows are no longer allowed to graze in open pasture. Anyone know why?

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              I haven't heard anything about them not being allowed to graze in open pasture, and I still buy my meat directly from farmers with pastured cows... Maybe it is a new rule and hasn't gone into effect yet, but I can't really imagine that.

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                BTW, this is what I meant when I said from healthy animals. There should not be puss or blood in the milk any more than there should be in human breast milk or in the milk of any other animal. If there is it is not healthy.

                That pretty much only happens with CAFO dairy animals... Pastured ones do not have that except in the most exceptional of circumstances.

              2. For years I have been buying raw milk from a vendor at the Saturday Craftsbury Fair in Craftsbury VT about a 1h45m drive from Montreal. At the same time fill up on some fantastic craft beer at the Hill Farmstead Brewery who have several 100 ratings at rate beer.com.