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Feb 10, 2012 02:51 PM

Hungry for Fajitas

I could really go for some good fajitas. Any suggestions in the North Austin/Round Rock area? Don't say Baby A's. You can say anything but Baby A's

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  1. I'll wait for someone else to ring in for the north austin/RR area, but if you ever happen to be in the central area, I'll say that Polvos' cerveza fajitas are hard to beat.

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    1. re: popvulture

      Guajillo gajitas. 1/2 beef, half pastor. Dats da bomb!

      1. re: amysuehere

        1/2 pastor? Like in a minister? That's WAAAAYYYY too Sweeney Todd for me. :)

        1. re: tdombrow


          al pastor....not zedonk.

    2. Habanero Cafe at Oltorf and 1st has the best fajitas in Austin, at lest as far as I can tell.

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      1. re: tom in austin

        Agreed. I haven't found beef as tender and flavorful as they are here. If I recall, they serve their salsa warm. I love that.

      2. My girlfriend like's Papados or Papasitos

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          If you don't mind the drive then La Playa on Williams Drive in Georgetown is really good and moderately priced. Good margaritas too.

        2. I used to work in Round Rock, and they actually have several old school Tex-Mex joints I can recommend.
          When I was craving a place that still uses yellow cheese and respects both the Tex and the Mex parts of Tex-Mex, I'd head over to Rio Grande, El Mariachi or Casa Garcia. Any of the three will transport you back to a time when Tex-Mex ruled. For fajitas specifically, I'd probably go with Casa Garcia. (In fact, I'm not certain El Mariachi serves fajitas on a sizzling platter - they do have fajita enchiladas).

          1. North Austin is getting Lupe Tortilla, a Houston fajita chain, soon in the Arbor Walk shopping center. I don't know if it's any good. I think Austin may be there first expansion outside of Houston.

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            1. re: Mike B

              I'm a sucker for that place in Houston. It was similar to ninfa's if i remember right. papas/ninfas environment. Badass tortillas. 90's style tex-mex, but I have a taste memory for that stuff and I sometimes make exceptions to my "no chains" rule for houston chains.

              Thanks for letting us know.

              1. re: Mike B

                That is great news indeed! I lived a good bit of my life to date in Houston and Lupe's is a favorite spot of mine for beef fajitas. To be totally honest- a big part of it is that primal love of salt and citrus and nothing to do with the meat itself.

                The fajita meat is tenderized (looks like strips of cube steak) and then soaked in a marinade heavy with salt. The texture comes out great- but on the palate the meat itself is almost overwhelmed. 99.9% of the time I HATE this- but the way Lupe's does it, it works for me- big time.

                Flour tortillas are huge and extremely thin. Very sharp grated cheddar cheese and fatty refried beans are the perfect match to the meat. Queso is velveeta- yuck- but if you find that you like the beef fajitas, then you will like this place a lot, just for them. Everything else, you can do better in my opinion.

                FWIW- my favorite approach to Lupe's is to dine-in and wrap meat and cheese only in the flour tortillas, and then take home and reheat a bowl of the refried beans, chopped up fajita meat and a good dose of that sharp cheddar cheese. Your mileage may vary- but I really love these combos.

                1. re: Mike B

                  They will also be opening in West Lake Hills in the old Macaroni Grill location. Here's hoping they're yummy!

                  1. re: addlepated

                    Even better- close to home for me. Any idea when they open?

                    1. re: addlepated

                      West Lake Hills, sounds about right.

                    2. re: Mike B

                      Anybody know when they will be open?

                      1. re: danny_w

                        Far as I know, I think they are. I saw a whole bunch of people milling around outside this weekend.