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Feb 10, 2012 02:08 PM

Looking for breakfast, Berkshires-adjacent area (well south of Albany)

Will be in Tanglewood this summer, and want a place stop for breakfast on the way back on a Sunday morning. I'll be staying in W. Stockbridge, MA and returning to Long Island, so I'm looking for south-west of that area (and yes, I'm also asking in the Southern New England board).

What i'm looking for:

-- breakfast, not brunch (that is, some place that serves by 9 AM, and I'm not looking for a buffet).

-- omelets or frittatas is what I'm looking for. I don't have a sweet tooth so I'm DEFINITELY not interested in grabbing a pastry or muffins (so bakeries are basically out) nor in breakfast-to-go (egg on a roll, etc.). Similarly, pancakes and the like don't do it for me, either.

The real hit would be a place that does omelets both well and creatively; e.g., the following is a review I posted:

That's what I'm aiming for, but I'll certainly settle for less. Excellent home fries are a plus.

I'll probably be taking Rt 22 back.

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  1. Folks, please help Scott_R here with breakfast recommendations on the New York side of the state line. Help him with recommendations on the Massachusetts side by posting on the thread he started here: .

    1. It may be too far west, but in case you want to think about taking the Taconic home, "Another Fork in the Road" uses local ingredients and has a very creative menu. It's on Rt. 199, just west of the Taconic. (Ask for low-salt)

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        Just read the website of "Another Fork in the Road". It's in the town of Milan, just off the Taconic and sounds very interesting. I'll try to stop off there next time I am in the area.

      2. The original comment has been removed