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Feb 10, 2012 02:03 PM

Cassoulet in LA

Lucques' annual Cassoulet night is coming up, so I was wondering where else in LA one can gout un bon cassoulet. Alas, Le Saint Amour seems to be no more, so what other French-ish bistro or brasserie might carry it?

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  1. Places never seem to put it on their regular menu. I believe I've seen it at Meet in Culver City and I would think that Soleil on Westwood Blvd., L'Epicerie and Church and State would also be likely suspects to offer it as an occasional special.

    ADD: I was noodling around and noticed that Le Dijonaise has it on their regular menu

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      The Royce at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena - 2/27 & 2/28 cassoulet, and game and Foie gras special dinner. 5 course -$95.

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        It was on the regular menu at L'Epicerie but I have not been back since Chef Archambault left so do not know if it remains or, if so, how it currently is tasting. The last time I had it there was not as good as previous visits, though--too soupy.

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          I had tried to look at the menu for L'Epicerie to see if it was still available as a regular offering, but their website was down for whatever reason when I tried.

      2. "Alas, Le Saint Amour seems to be no more" … WHAT?? The whole thing, or just the cassoulet? Website's still up … oops - tried reservation, got "This restaurant is no longer available."


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