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Feb 10, 2012 01:58 PM

cocktals in the beaches? (toronto)

i love my neighbourhood but gawddamn does it lack in the food and drink departments. i know that's been lamented extensively here!
can anyone recommended a joint in the beaches that serves nice cocktails? i know where to get a beer, but can i get a well made stiff drink out this way?

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  1. I haven't been in quite a while, but the funky room upstairs at Fitzgerald's used to shake a pretty mean tail. Not bad food either.

    2298 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E, CA

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    1. re: Googs

      It's closed until Feb 21st. Sign on the window says they're reopening as Fitzgerald's Smoke House.

      1. re: eppicurious

        Really. I guess they will have BBQ? If memory serves the place has been basically the same for 30 years so this is interesting news.

        1. re: julesrules

          smoke house? well, i'm intrigued. i didn't believe this at first because i'd JUST walked by. today i walked past again, and sure enough, the windows are papered over.
          i hope they have a good bar :) bourbon focused maybe? ;)