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Wasting the liver?

I don't eat organ meat. I am thinking about raising some pigs, but I know I won't eat the organs. I will try to find someone who wants them, but if not, they're going to get composted or recyceld in some other manner. Just not by my stomach. Why is that considered wasting?


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  1. Who considers that wasting? Although I would never compost meat. Feed it to the cat, maybe, but not compost.

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      Yup, the kitty gets half and Mr. Pine gets half.

    2. I never had pig liver,
      Do eat other liver,
      If your raising pigs, do you have coyote problem?
      Maybe use it as bait for the coyotes?

      1. Such a shame that the OP is going to miss out on some of the best tasting parts of the pig, but that's her/his choice. The liver is an integral part of my Christmas pork terrine and I'd also include it in a Mallorcan "frit de matances".

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          I will gladly send it to you. I wish I liked it. I really do. I just don't like the taste.

          Merry Christmas.


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            Just by the by, the health authorities where I am advise against composting meat as it attracts nasties such as rats. Any local cats, dogs (or owners of same) who could benefit?

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              I live way out in the woods and my compost pile is 700 feet from the house. I'll just drop it in the shredder and it will spit out pate. :) Should be composted in short order.


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              Here's my take, FWIW.

              My theory is that many people who hate liver feel that way because their mother, or someone, didn't know how to cook it and it came out nasty. To my taste buds, liver that is overcooked is really awful, and it is very easy to overcook it, and very common.

              Liver really needs to have at least some pink left in the middle, but seldom does. Many mothers who cook liver, I think, overcook it, perhaps because they are afraid that any pink is dangerous and will make their family sick. Or because that's they only way they know how, and rightly or wrongly they want to do it that way.

              This is just my opinion and observation. I know I love liver now, but didn't earlier on, until the day I was served some that wasn't overcooked. BTW, I'm the same way about steaks. My family insisted on well-done, and I refused to eat steak until I left home and discovered how to make it properly.

              So my question to you, jb, is "how done was the liver that you were served on the day you decided you don't like the taste?"

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                But, there is no getting past the liver flavor, and the basic texture. Even when cooked differently. There are foods that I enjoy now and didn't in the past, not because it's been cooked differently, but because my tastes have changed over the years.

          2. There are probably lots of parts of the pig that you are going to discard aside from the liver that another person might eat, including the tail, ears, feet, snout, tongue, face, etc.

            Just because you choose not to eat does not necessarily make it a "waste".

            1. When I was a kid my I liked liver the way my mom cooked it. With onions and gravy.
              I was staying at my grandmothers house one summer and she asked if I liked liver.

              That night for supper she set a whole boiled pig liver on the table. Never liked liver since then.

              1. I am not a big liver fan, but pork liver is one kind that I will eat. It does have a milder flavor than beef liver. Maybe try a bit before you toss the whole thing?

                1. Waste is making yourself eat something to remove the guilt laid upon you by total strangers on an anonymous internet board.

                  if you don't like it, don't eat it - and everyone else should leave you alone. They throw away stuff they don't like, too.

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                  1. re: sunshine842

                    I reread this entire thread and I didn't see a single comment by anyone, including mine, that could be reasonably described as laying guilt upon the OP.

                    1. re: johnb

                      referring more to the recent flurry of posts talking about waste, as well as the unrelenting push on a number of posts telling people that no, you really do like it, you just need to try it my way! Or "what's wrong with you? Everybody likes that!"

                      1. re: sunshine842

                        I don't feel any pressure from any posters. I do feel some pressure when I read about the Nose to Tail eating. I love the concept. It shows respect. Respect for where our food comes from, how it's made and how it's prepared. All things that I enjoy when I plan and execute my own cooking. But I can't participate because I don't like the taste of organ meat. It may be I haven't had it prepared the right way. Though I doubt it. I've eaten it on a number of occasions fixed in a variety of ways. Only time I've ever liked it was a class in Siena Italy where we made chicken livers with a ton of butter and apples for a crostini. Very tasty.I feel a bit of pressure from the pig itself. "Hey if you're going to kill me you should at least make good use of all my bits." Yes Mr pig, I will try. Things I don't eat will go to someone else or some other worthy purpose. At least I will try. That is my pledge to the pig.


                        1. re: JuniorBalloon

                          Good on you, JB.

                          Now focus on all the bits of piggy that you're going to enjoy eating. I'm an urban dweller so am never going to get the opportunity to have complete control over how my meat is raised, slaughtered and butchered. I am envious of you.

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                            Do give liver a try, sauteed with onion, garlic, and bacon, deglazed with red wine. Saute until center is still a bit pink, then slice into very thin bite-sized pieces, like 1/8" thick. That way, the texture is not noticeable.

                            List whatever you are not going to use on Freecycle.org, ahead of time, so someone will be able to retrieve the offal from you before it starts to spoil. People will either prepare it for themselves or their pets.

                    2. Please give me the organs. Organ + blood sausage is awesome.

                      1. When I saw the title of your post I could help by remember that classic Saturday Night Live sketch

                        http://www.hulu.com/watch/3523/saturd... (It's Hulu so you have view an ad first.


                        Remember, "SAVE THE LIVER!!!"

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                        1. Damn, I thought this thread was about cirrhosis.