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Feb 10, 2012 12:52 PM

Le Creuset color ?

Is the white LC a gradient color? or is it just plain white. Some of the pics I have seen looks like it may fade into gray, but it could have just been a shadow. I am thinking I might want another dutch oven in a size between the two that I have. I sure do like cooking in them.

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  1. still has some in white, but I think they are being cleared out.

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    1. re: GH1618

      Finding white isn't my problem. I just want to know if the white is solid white or gradient coloring.

      1. re: dixiegal

        a google search for images of le creuset white dutch oven turns up what appear to be mostly images where it looks to be a solid white. The gray do look like shadows. See what you think:

        1. re: mikie

          I agree. Those pictures look like the LC is all white. Which makes sense. If it it blended into gray, it would probably look more like a gray pot than a white one.

    2. It looks white when I google "Le Creuset white". I've never seen it in person. Why not call a Le Creuset outlet store?

      1. I have two white LC ovens, each from a different era. They are both solid white, not a gradient. The color is not a bright white, though.

        1. I have 2 DO, a bean pot, skillet, and open scallop pan all in WHITE. The color is pure white all over. Only the lips with no enamel are not pure white.

          Be sure to look at the STAUB too. While they don't offer white, I'm thinking I'm a STAUB convert at this point.

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          1. re: Sid Post

            Staub DOES offer a solid white DO.

              1. re: Sid Post

                >I'm thinking I'm a STAUB convert at this point.<

                Why the switch to Staub?

                I am sticking with LC. Mostly just because I think they are soooooo pretty. I only have 2 LC dutch ovens and I am so enjoying them. I am considering another in another size and color. But my goodness, how do I choose the perfect color to go with the two that I have. That would be kiwi and caribbean.

                1. re: dixiegal

                  Dixie Gal: "How do I choose the perfect color to go with the two that I have. That would be kiwi and caribbean."

                  Indigo, Sur La Table's new exclusive, might be perfect. I know it looks great with Kiwi, and it would have to look nice with Carribean. And I know Carribean and Kiwi look great together.

                  Or Flame could look good with those colors (I'd have to see them together in person, but I _think_ Flame would look good with Kiwi and Carribean).

                  1. re: Jay F

                    Indigo does look good with kiwi. But I am so fond of the gradient colors. I was wondering if the cobalt blue would look good with both kiwi and caribbean. I have a little blue LC cast iron mini cocotte, but I don't know if it is the cobalt blue. It is not gradient in color. Just solid blue.

                    I was also wondering if that purplish Cassis color would look good with the Carribean and Kiwi. I have not yet found a picture of the 3 together. I did see Caribbean and Cherry together and it looked really good together. Though I like some shades of red, I can't take a lot of it. I prefer it more for an accent color. Though I do think food looks better in the red and green pots than the blueish ones.

              2. Hi DixieGal, I have a 6.75 qt in white - and it isn't gradient, but solid white. As a side note, I got it as a replacement for one that I had that was called "flame" which *was* gradient; reddish/orange. I'd had it for several years when something happened to the bottom (inside) of the pot; the enamel became damaged. I emailed Le Creuset, they asked that I box it & send it to them for an evaluation; and that if they determined it wasn't caused by my negligence, they would replace it. I also was asked include a note with a few colors that I would prefer for the replacement. In a couple of weeks, my new pot arrived - in white - , no questions asked! Great customer service :)