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Feb 10, 2012 12:46 PM

Follow up after help from Chowhound asking for NOLA recs

THANK YOU to everyone who replied to me when I posted in December just before our (first) visit to New Orleans in early January 2012. Taking your advice (& reading lots more), I avoided some, tried others and didn't have time to get to some. We didn't get to any 'high end' places : ( but had a fantastic time. I own a coffee shop/cafe so my holiday photos usually consist of food rather than anything else. Our customers were interested in where we were going so I posted a huge blog post with over 50 photos of our week in New Orleans - lots of restaurant 'reviews' - only our humble opinion!, music venues and loads of actual food photos.

Excuse any typos or grammar mistakes - most of it was written really late at night. Thanks again Chowhound!

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  1. Elizabeth's, Stanley, Surrey, Johnny's, Coop's....Laura.

    You are kindred spirits to me and my wife....

    Right down to ordering the chicken livers and praline bacon at Elizabeth's!

    What a wonderful blog posting!

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      I loved them all too - praline bacon - yes, just the best!

    2. Thanks for the post/llink, I'd been waiting to hear from you. Glad you feel the goodness of the Green Goddess....and Surrey's ! Well done. It's been noted that Eliz.'s praline bacon is truly the crack of (breakfast) foods. Just so. Come back.

      1. I can’t believe you sounded like you were going to melt and it was January. Enjoyed reading about your trip though. Surprised you didn’t like the zoo. We locals like it just fine. Try going to a zoo in Guiling, China.