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Feb 10, 2012 12:25 PM

Coffee houses to write in?

Can you guys point me toward some coffee houses which are cheap enough/easy-going enough to spend several hours working in? My roommates have spent the day watching the Kristen Bell sloth song on repeat and at top volume, so it's becoming clear that I'm going to have to go elsewhere to write.

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    1. What city/neighborhood are you in?

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        1. re: lizzieluna

          Not a coffee house, but my wife sometimes goes to the library at UC Med Center with her laptop and works from there.

          1. re: lizzieluna

            lower haight: cafe du soliel, besides tea and coffee they also have savory and sweet food and don't care if you are there for hours.

            1. re: tjinsf

              A belated thanks for this rec! I visited this place just the other day and it's sure to become one of my haunts.

              1. re: lizzieluna

                You might also add Mercury Cafe on Octavia x Page to your rotation. It has a worker bee vibe, pretty good snacks, and friendly owners (though some signs recently went up asking the laptop legion to please order something to eat). Coffee Bar has lots of weird rules (certain tables reserved only for people with food, no laptops allowed to be on the table, during certain hours) so I mostly don't work there.

                Also, Cafe Sophie on 16th right below Market has good coffee and a warm atmosphere.

            2. re: lizzieluna

              Matching Half on McAllister
              Apollo Coffee on Divis
              or for a great sandwich, Wooly Pig on Hugo