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Midtown East Lunch next Friday AND takeout food at Grand Central Station

mstout2 Feb 10, 2012 11:53 AM

I am in the midst of planning a relatively spur of the moment trip to NYC next Friday - Sunday and have a few questions. I will be meeting my husband and bringing my 20-month old and mother-in-law. While I have been to New York many times, it will be her first and my first bringing one of my kids. My mother-in-law will be babysitting for us at dinner time, so its mostly just lunch I need to worry about.

We will be checking in to our hotel at 50th and Lexington @ 1pm and will probably want to eat pretty quickly. We will need something that is kid-friendly, but of course still good. Its supposed to be bad weather on Friday the 17th (60% chance of rain) - so right now I thinking we will stay in Midtown and explore more fun neighborhoods on Saturday.

Any recommendations of where we can eat near the hotel? I figured afterwards we would walk around the standard touristy places in mid-town. We will gladly eat anything, but we'd need something that i can give my somewhat picky one-year old and my wide eyed, small town mother-in-law.

Otherwise, In the event that the weather is really bad - but knowing that we still want to get out - I was thinking of going to the Bar at the Modern, so that we could walk around the museum afterwards. Its been a longtime since I was there - but I 'thought' that for lunch we could take a child. Do they have high chairs?

Finally, I was thinking that later in the day we'd walk through Grand Central. I thought I remembered there was some good options in the food court/hall market area. I was hoping to pick up dinner for my son and mother-in-law that they could eat later in our hotel. Or get them dinner at the Oyster Bar(?) and my husband and I could eat oysters as a snack before going out to dinner later on Friday night.

Appreciate in advance your thoughts!

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    lovessushi Feb 11, 2012 09:54 PM

    I don't eat out that often in the city, so this isn't near your hotel, but Via Emilia on 21st is, in my opinion, definitely worth the cab ride. So incredibly good - have had a wonderful lunch there many times. I've seen young children there and I think the Italian menu will appeal to your toddler and mother in-law.

    Via Emilia
    47 E 21st St, New York, NY 10010

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