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Rack of Ribs...where to buy?

Where can I purchase good quality ribs for a decent price?


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  1. Costco.. i buy them all summer and let them marinate over night then slow cook.
    Fall of the bone yummy.

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      Will I find them there this time of year?

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        yes they have them year round

        1. If your looking for something TTC accessible O Nosso Talho on bloor (between Dufferin and Dovercourt) has good ones. They also supply to a lot of the cities restaurants. They're really cheap too!

          1. Costco is the place for ribs.

            1. Loblaws often has cryovac back ribs at a low price of $3.99. I have always found them to be lean to medium marbled. Very good quality and not "seasoned" with salt water. I have also had great luck at T&T! Pay attention to the look of good ribs and you will do well.

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                Hmmm. Most cryovac pork--ribs included--I see in GTA supermarkets in embalmed and American. Quality can be an issue. Caveat emptor.

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                  No Frills has US. Loblaws has always been Canadian.

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                    I have shrink wrapped back ribs marked USDA in my freezer, purchased fresh from Loblaw's RCSS on special in January. They offered them at $4/lb, less than half the price of their Canadian ribs in a different section.

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                      I only buy un"seasoned" Canadian pork so I guess you have to watch the sales/inventory if you care about US or Canadian.

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                        Sorry but I've seen cryovac US pork all through the NG chain--NoFrills, Zehrs, Superstore, Loblaws, Fortino's--over the past year, usually more often during the summer months. Tenderloins are probably the worst--mushy and tasteless.

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                          Sorry. I guess there was a misunderstanding with my post(s). I don't pretend to know what they stock everyday in the meat section. I actually never buy meat from Loblaws except when they have ribs on special. I find their prices completely out of whack. All I was trying to say, but obviously failed at, is that on 5 or 6 occassions I have bought Canadian back ribs from Loblaws as described in my posts - cryovaced two racks; 3.99/lb; unseasoned and Canadian. They may sell Lithuanian ribs, or Argentinian ribs, I don't know. I was just trying to help the OP with a great spot when they are running the special!

              2. good quality vs price.

                i'd personally spend a few dollars more and get Buster Rhino's smoked ribs. think he sells them in vacuum packs.

                i know that I'm not going to be smoking them at home, so might as well get someone to do it properly for me.

                1. Highland Farms has great ribs too if you have one near by, if not costco is the place

                  1. They have bred all the fat out of pork, ergo flavor. America's Test Kitchen did a segment on it and recommends going the extra mile and getting heirloom pork such as Berkshire. I've tried every which way to cook retail ribs and there is just no flavor, just a vehicle for eating bbq sauce. Look at the demise of Tony Roma's ribs. American taste didn't change, the taste of pork changed.

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