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Feb 10, 2012 10:56 AM

a welcome new neighborhood place in cambridge

Had dinner with my family at Casbah, Sari Abul-Jubein's (of Casablanca) new restaurant on New Street behind the Fresh Pond Mall. Now that his liquor license is online, it's a great addition to the area for a reasonably priced dinner out, with a nice array of middle east/mediterranean type dishes. Pulled lamb, greek ragouti and tzatziki were all yummy - also a side dish of couscous with pumpkin seeds in it, a nice surprise. Kofte skewers were much praised around the table as well as kebabs. The room is decorated in warm colors with a nice bar. A front patio promises nice outdoor sitting in the warmer months. A well priced menu means we'll go back again soon, I really recommend this place.

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  1. Does the location still have a hookah lounge?

    1. I agree with spikemom; a foursome had an outstanding meal last week. Alas, there were not many customers; it ain't a great location as Casablanca was.

      1. Nice report, this place sounds good. What is ragouti? I looked at the menu and didn't see any reference to this.

        Dave MP