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Sep 12, 1999 10:25 PM

Nice restaurants in Yosemite

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We will be in Yosemite for 4 days. We already know
about Erna's but are looking for other restaurants for
lunch and dinner. Oakhurst and Awahnee areas are OK
too. Thanks

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  1. For your sake, I hope that others contradict me;
    I think there is no good food in Yosemite (other than
    if you're camping in backcountry, where everything
    tastes great). In the valley, the Ahwahnee is
    overpriced and ranges from okay to blah, though it
    is a beautiful setting. A new restaurant opened at the
    Lodge about 2 years ago that was edible, but also
    overpriced. Sorry, hope that you hear better news from
    others. I usually went in February, so perhaps there
    are more options in October?

    1. Although Yosemite is assuredly not a food destination, the grand restaurant at the Awhahnee may have
      the single most beautiful dining room in the world, and must be experienced at least once. Erna's is
      breathtakingly expensive, and nowhere near worth the money--the best food on a recent trip was the
      simple barbecued steak served on the lawn of the Wawona on weekend nights.

      Have a Basque or Armenian meal in the Central Valley on the way up.

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      1. re: j gold

        I have to second the recommendation about the Ahwahnee. Although it has been 26 years since I ate
        there, and my observations about the food would be decidedly out of date (although I do remember a more
        than competent wine list), the setting is absolutely unparalleled.

        One side of the dining room has floor to ceiling windows. The night we were there, it began to snow (it
        was April) and the result was spectacular.

        Go. If only to appreciate a classic hotel, as they once were. Go. If only to appreciate how the wealthy
        lived a century ago.

        Beyond that, I do not recall any chow in the park worth mentioning. And, if you are going now (and late
        September and early October are very special times to be there -- no "Americans", just people who love
        the place), the chances are that most of the places outside of the Valley are closed or will be closing
        soon. Your choices will be limited to place outside the park or the Valley. But, then, who goes to
        Yosemite for the food, anyway?