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Feb 10, 2012 09:43 AM

The Coffee Co. on La Tijera and Sepulveda Expressway, near LAX or just off of Sepulveda???

Any good? Is it a diner/coffee shop or just cofee and pastries, what are your thoughts, looks intersting.

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    1. I eat there occasionally and I think it's good for breakfast. I typically just have eggs with bacon or sausage. I did like the spicy chicken sausage I had last time. And I really like their biscuits, they are very buttery. Coffee purists will hate me, but I also like that they have Hazelnut coffee as an option.

      1. ok enough for a local joint.
        absolutely not a destination place.

        1. I had the best fried fish and eggs this morning. It was one of the specials. The fish was light and flaky and battered with the kind of batter you might find at Popeye's fried chicken. It was a very thin batter, but it was crispy and kind of spicy... not hot spicy, just flavorful spicy. YUM. I couldn't stop eating it until it was gone. Then I moved on to the rest of the meal: eggs, potatoes O'brien (which were simply country fried potatoes with onion and bell pepper) and two fluffy buttermilk biscuits. This was a delightful meal.

          As I was working in that part of town this week, I also had breakfast there yesterday. It was similar, but with bacon instead of the fried fish. Everything was consistently good, and you get 4 strips of crisp bacon instead of the fish.

          Two good breakfasts in a row. I hope I'm back in that part of town next week to try more of the breakfast menu.