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Feb 10, 2012 09:42 AM

Pastries at Short Cakes???

What pastries have you tried at short cakes? that are good???

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  1. Yes, they are good. Chocolate Bread Pudding, not too sweet. Very good. Mmmmm. Had a couple of others too, also good, but can't remember the details. Worth a visit, but bring your $$$.

    1. I had a savory cheese scallion scone or something like that. It was pretty darn good.

        1. We tried a bunch of things and overal they were pretty good.
          TCHO Brownie- It was good with nice chunks of chocolate, but on the sweet side.
          Brunette with Pine Nuts & Thyme- I prefer this one over brownie. It has a unique taste.
          Chocolate Cinnamon Babka- it was good, but not worth the money
          Twice-Baked Hazelnut- my brother and husband really liked this one, but I found it on the sweet side.
          Bacon & Cheddar Croissant- We all really liked this one.
          Comté & Thyme croissant- this one was good, but not worth the price.

          1. Had the Babka. Just ok. Nothing special.
            My bf had the mini cranberry pie. Also just ok to us. We both thought it was too sweet.
            I was disappointed by this place. There are better bakeries out there.