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Pastries at Short Cakes???

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What pastries have you tried at short cakes? that are good???

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  1. Yes, they are good. Chocolate Bread Pudding, not too sweet. Very good. Mmmmm. Had a couple of others too, also good, but can't remember the details. Worth a visit, but bring your $$$.

    1. I had a savory cheese scallion scone or something like that. It was pretty darn good.

        1. We tried a bunch of things and overal they were pretty good.
          TCHO Brownie- It was good with nice chunks of chocolate, but on the sweet side.
          Brunette with Pine Nuts & Thyme- I prefer this one over brownie. It has a unique taste.
          Chocolate Cinnamon Babka- it was good, but not worth the money
          Twice-Baked Hazelnut- my brother and husband really liked this one, but I found it on the sweet side.
          Bacon & Cheddar Croissant- We all really liked this one.
          Comté & Thyme croissant- this one was good, but not worth the price.

          1. Had the Babka. Just ok. Nothing special.
            My bf had the mini cranberry pie. Also just ok to us. We both thought it was too sweet.
            I was disappointed by this place. There are better bakeries out there.

            1. I've tried about half of their items so far, and I've loved about half of those. The others weren't at all bad, just a little less exciting.

              Some of my favorites have been:

              Sesame Date Scone
              Hazelnut Croissant
              Jam Crumble Bar
              Brunette with Pine Nuts and Thyme
              TCHO Brownie
              And some kind of shortbread cookie.

              But I'm surprised how many "too sweet" references appear in the small handful of posts here so far. Tastes do vary, but to mine, Short Cake seems to offer the least-sweet baked goods I have ever found in a bakery of its kind. Across the board, every item I have tried has been distinctly and pleasantly under sweetened.

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                The double baked hazelnut croissant blew my mind.

              2. I liked the Hazelnut Croissant , the macchiato wasn't bad either.

                1. I love the babka. Very restrained and classic. Much less sweet than normal. Hits all the notes for grownup breakfast pastry. Also, my kids will fight to the death over it which is always charming. No really, a 2 year old stabbing a 4 year old over bittersweet chocolate makes my heart melt.

                  The chocolate bread pudding was fine but not something I'd choose again.

                  I do like the twice baked brioche although I miss the cherries and rose water from M. Silverton's original. Still, miles above the current incarnation at La Brea.

                  1. Just in from LA Eater: New pastries at Short Cake include a croissant stuffed with cherry tomatoes, peashoots, and goat cheese; a ham and cheese croissant; pain au raisin; and an eclair. Signature baked goods like the blondie will remain.