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Sep 12, 1999 10:10 PM


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Just want to list some of the chow highlights of my
recent drive down the coast. Thanks to all who gave
me tips.

In Oakland:

As per web(kennel?)master Bob Okumura. Terrific
Vietnamese duck noodle soup, beef stew, five-spice
chicken leg at Vi's in Oakland Chinatown

Great tacos at Tio Tonio in a parking lot somewhere.

In Berkeley: Chan Am on Shattuck, Laotian/Thai in
Berkely (Chicken laap, bbq chicken breast)

In Watsonville: Jalisco (great guac., crab enchiladas)

Taqueria up block looked very good.

Monterey: Sea Harvest Market, 598 Foam St., excellent
crab cocktail and grilled squid steak sandwich.

Big Sur: Not much here...Best was deli next to post
office run by Mexican couple selling homemade tamales,
enchiladas in corner of deli case.

San Luis Obispo: Unfortunatley my only encounter with
Santa Maria BBQ was at the very worth visiting Thurs.
night farmers market. I had a beef rib from the
McClintock booth and it was an amazing transcendental
experience...flavorful and tender...and only 1.50 a
rib. They were sold out when I went back for more.

Santa Barbara: Pilgrimage to Super Rica...walking in
seeing tortillas made by incredible
menu...tried nine items...Super is an understatement.
Also heard good things about other places in area, no
time to check out.

Good sushi at Hide.

Chuckwagon Restaurant at Disneyland, not great but
better than you'd think.

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  1. j
    jonathan gold

    ''Chuckwagon Restaurant at Disneyland, not great but
    better than you'd think.''

    As a charter Chowhound, weren't you obligated by law to visit the halal Malaysian restaurant across
    the street from Disneyland instead? You don't want to get Gary mad at you...

    Also, as so eloquently described by Tom A. in a recent posting, the single best Thai restaurant in
    the United States was only a ten-minute drive away. But I digress.

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    1. re: jonathan gold
      Barry Strugatz

      Forgive me, I have sinned!
      My only excuse...I have a three year old and a nine
      year old to answer to.

    2. Regarding Super this a Mexican restaurant? I
      would love to find a great Mexican place in Santa
      Barbara for stops along the coast. I once ate at a
      wonderful hole-in-the-wall joint nicknamed "Cuca's" (as
      in cucaracha) which was located very near the I-101,
      but have never been able to find it since. Any info on
      great, authentic Mexican in Santa Barabara would be

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      1. re: Heather

        Yes, it's a great Mexican restaurant. And there are
        reportedly others in the neighborhood. Do a search on
        Super Rica and on Santa Barbara