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Feb 10, 2012 09:40 AM

Need a cleaver that can chop through pork ribs.

I'm currently shopping for a meat cleaver that can help me chop up pork ribs. Those are the biggest bones I'll probably ever cut up in my kitchen. I'm considering the Dexter-Russell 7 inch stainless steal heavy duty cleaver and was wondering if that would be a good choice for this task?

I'd also love to hear other recommendations as well if there are better choices out there. My mother owns an old Chinese cleaver that chops through pork ribs like a dream. She brought it back from Hong Kong years ago. I tried to buy one for myself from a Chinese grocery store and that thing can't even chop chicken bones properly despite applying all my strength to it!

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  1. That knife, or just about any half-decent Western meat cleaver would work.

    Chinese cleavers can come in several styles. The majority of them are very thin and are actually designed for slicing and not at all for rough work, so it's not surprising that the cleaver you bought at a Chinese grocer wasn't up to the task.

    This Chinese cleaver, on the other hand, would very easily mow through pork bones.

    As would this one:

    Beef bones are typically harder and often need a saw to safely cut.

    1. I have a large Chinese cleaver, but I wouldn't want to chop a pork rib in half with it. When I want short ribs for an appetizer dish, the butcher will saw the rack in half. It's much neater.

      1. I know you didn't ask, but just to be save. Sometime it can be useful to have a hammer. "Chinese cleaver" is a very general term. It covers thin blade slicer which are as delicate as a paring knife to thick blade chopper which can rival most meat cleavers.

        If you ever get a chance to see knives like the KF14XX knives... those are pretty good:

        Of course, there are many other as well.

        1. Do not use a Japanese meat cleaver. Mine has a half moon almost through the damascene due to a pork rib. A very expensive and humiliating lesson.

          I use a heavy European meat cleaver in the kitchen. When butchering for myself, a sawzall with the paint removed from the blade does a great job.

          1. I have the 8" version but it hasn't been through a proper workout yet. I have no doubt that the 7" model will do what you want. I just decided on the 8" because it was in the middle between the 9" and 7 ".