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Feb 10, 2012 09:36 AM

I just don't get the Burger's Priest deification

Zagat review aside, they make a decent burger and fries. It's not that special. They don't elevate the burger. But they make a burger the way EVERY PLACE that sells burgers should. I'd rather hit Goody's

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  1. I think it's the best, cheapest burger in the city. As in - there are better burgers, but these ones are cheaper - and they're pretty good. The freshness is really important to me too - no other burger counter in TO has a burger that's as fresh - at least that I'm aware of. Most come from frozen, and the ones that are fresh as well aren't as good.

    I don't think anyone's deifying them - Zagat also had Mandarin or Boston Pizza or something equally appalling in their top 10 - this wasn't a survey for food enthusiasts, just the general population - so who cares?

    Where/how do you think BP is being deified?

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      1. re: justxpete

        I agree that BP makes a damn good burger,but the best,cheapest burger in the city I think not..
        "best" is so subjective.char grilled vs flat top/smashed,toppings,bun etc..
        I had a BP cheese burger w/bacon and a can o pop and it came out to almost $9.00.Not too bad I guess,but the burger was so small I was still hungry after I finished it(about 5 bites).
        Burger Shack on the other hand,I can get a home made banquet burger(char-grilled),fries and a pop for just over $10.00 and I can sit down and eat my burger! Is Burger Shack the best in the city? Different strokes for different folks...

        1. re: petek

          I think the problem with burger shack is that their burgers are char-grilled. Using a flat-top griddle is the way to go in my opion. With a grill the burger looses its juices and isn't nearly as flavorful as a burger cooked on a flat-top with fresh ground beef.

          1. re: Jakis

            "I think the problem with burger shack is that their burgers are char-grilled"
            I don't see it as a "problem",just a different taste/texture.You can overcook a burger on a grill or a flat top,both will result in a lack of flavour.
            I enjoy both styles equally..
            Not sure if Burger Shack grinds their own beef,but it sure is tasty.

            I also enjoy Goody's and 5 Guys.All of them make excellent burgers in my opinion.

          2. re: petek

            No problem. I didn't say you had to agree, as I said, "I think".

          3. re: justxpete

            They grind their own beef to make the hamburger meat. I didn't think this was common in burger joints. Or, is it?

            1. re: Flexitarian

              It may not be common for burger places to grind their own beef, but Fudrucker's was doing it 25 years ago.

          4. I completely agree.

            Listen, there's no question they make a good burger but let's all take a step back: it's just a burger. The fact that BP got mentioned in the same name as Barque and Chiado in the Zagat survey, to me, shows Zagat's irrelevancy. How can you compare a burger with proper fine dining?

            The media (and everyone else), IMO, should get a grip on the hype. It's just a burger.

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            1. re: biggreenmatt

              they don't even cook their burgers to order... I was expecting more when I went due to all the hype.

              1. re: danionavenue

                They definitely do cook their burgers to order. You just have to ask.

                1. re: danionavenue

                  The definitely cook it to order. Usually goes like this

                  "rare double please"
                  "Like true rare, you sure?"

                  i get my burger before everyone else who ordered before me, walk out and sink my teeth into a nice almost raw burger.

                2. re: biggreenmatt

                  While I agree that consumer/voter statistics are irrelavant, not for the reason you may think. Large companies throw their weight behind the voting process by engaging their staff in it. Polls such as these are easily skewed towards the companies with the longest reach. Spring Rolls #1? I hardly think so. The fact that independent restaurants such as Burger's Priest made the list at all is a show of how well-loved they are whether you feel them deserving or not.

                3. I agree. I think BP is overrated.

                  The chilli cheese fries at the Yonge location suck (ie I'd rather go to a NYF inside a movie theatre than BP), there's a very pretentious vibe, and they aren't exactly the pinnacle of convenience, but the Priest is a really, really good burger. The other burgers on the menu are good, but I'd never go out of my way to get them, but I'd easily spend the ~hour round trip to get there for the Priest.

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                  1. re: Shimso

                    So you think its over rated but you're willing to spend an hour round trip to go there? I guess that's why there's always lineups.

                    1. re: haggisdragon

                      I said in general it is overrated (chilli cheese fries are worse than food court fries, "smoke" was literally 2 tiny slivers of jalapeno, etc.) but that one specific burger on their menu (The Priest -> a burger with a portabello with cheese and panko deep fried) was worth the trek there; I've tried other burgers on the menu and they're nice but I wouldn't go out of my way for them.

                      Basically, I'd go for a 1hr trip to only that one specific burger, but otherwise I'd go only if I was really nearby (which is unlikely due to their locations).

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