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Feb 10, 2012 09:25 AM

Where to buy fresh caught fish in WPB area?

Visiting WPB/Singer Island/Juno next month.
We don't want to charter a boat and fish ourselves, but desperate to buy fish
Back in the day, you could do this at Sailfish Marina, when they would come in after a day of fishing
But no more :(
Anyone have any suggestions? we really love grilling up fresh fish for dinner.

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  1. You might try Riviera Beach marina across the Intracoastal but am not sure if they do.

    1. Ocean Avenue in Lantana right behind Sushi Bon. There are always fisherman selling their daily catch off their boats in that marina.

      1. ChowShoe, That marina is very close to my house. I walk down there sometimes to see what the drift boat brings in. The ones that are for sale are usually the undesireable fish like Jacks. Once in a while someone will sell a Kingfish. Most of those kind of boats will bring anything they catch back to the launch area so they can advertise that they catch lots of fish, whatever the species.