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Feb 10, 2012 09:19 AM

Quality non-stick for induction - Swiss Diamond or...?

We recently swapped out our halogen cooktop for induction - and it is amazing, I must say, I'm blown away by its performance - and am looking to replace my old non-ferrous pans with induction-compatible versions.

What I need to replace is mostly the non-stick items. I did manage to find a nice 10" All-Clad skillet for half price at T.J. Maxx, but that was the only ferrous non-stick pan in the store.

I've been looking at Swiss Diamond, and their stuff looks great (despite the fact that they deceptively claim not use Teflon/PTFE, but I don't really care about that), but the price is astronomical - an 8" frying pan, with no lid, lists for almost $140, and the cheapest Amazon price is still over $100. I find it hard to justify that for what's basically just an egg pan.

Does anyone have experience with this line and can vouch that it's worth the price? Or suggest alternatives? I'm mainly looking for both small (8") and large (12"+) frypans, and medium to large saute pans, ideally with lids.

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  1. If you're interested in Swiss Diamond, you should probably also look at Scanpan. Eight-inch on special:

    only sixty bucks. Lid is extra.

    I have not used either of these, by the way, but I do have one of their lids. Very nice.

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      For induction you would need the Scanpan CTX, which is more expensive. I have the scanpan classic and it is all aluminum construction save the phenolic handle. The non-stick on the scanpan holds up well, however, they too are not inexpensive. A trip to Walmart will land all the inexpensive non-stick pans you could ever want, some are likely better than others, probably none as good as the ones you are looking at.

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        Oh, my oversight. The 8-inch CTX is $110 from Scanpan USA.

    2. I really like my De Buyer CHOC Induction nonstick frying pans. Solid, no BS, nice even heating on induction cooktops, flared rim for pouring. The tubular stainless steel handles are great. Other items in the line (e.g., the saute pan) seem to have plastic handles similar to those used by Swiss Diamond. Glass lids are available as an option.

      Here's a link:

      1. If you are talking about nonstick cookware which last a long time, then I am thinking about Scanpan, Swiss Diamond and Circulon.

        1. I have 3 cast aluminum nonstick induction pans from TJMaxx. However, they have all been one-time offerings. One brand is Berndez (German design), the other Fundix (Spanish). I've gotten in the habit of looking for a pan with dots on the base (aluminum dots which hold the steel insert).

          I also have several induction compatible stainless steel pans from TJM, including another Berndez. I try to use these as much as possible, knowing that even the best non-stick coating does not last for ever.

          None of these have cost me more than $20. But finding them does require patience.

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            I just saw a couple more Berndez induction nonstick pans at TJMaxx.

          2. We've been using Swiss Diamond fry pans for years. First all aluminum and now the induction pans. They are without a doubt the finest non-stick pans we've ever used. We been through Scan Professional products, Viking and a host of others. None come close. I would highly recommend them, use silicone utensils as often as possible, don't leave water sitting in them.

            A couple of side notes. The Pro series pans are quite heavy, not as well balanced as the plastic handled pans and have a stupid hole in the handle that collects condensation while cooking and dumps it on the cooktop when you move the pan. Avoid them. My favorite non-stick though, are Sitram Cybernox. They are awesome, not quite as non-stick but cooking on them is superb. More flexibility as you can still carmelize.