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Feb 10, 2012 09:07 AM

Soba-Ya in Torrance

Just a quick note regarding the new Soba-Ya in Torrance. Following up on this S. Irene blurb in the LAT yesterday, I checked out Soba-Ya, which is at Carson and Western, in Eastgate Plaza. The restaurant is located at the far west of the strip, near Abalone Ave.

I went in order to taste the pop-up soba that was discussed in the article, but was presented with the pop-up menu (that had Zaru Soba ($12) and also a duck soba ($16) and also what looked to be the official restaurant menu. I was exhausted and starving, and ordered the zaru soba without asking any questions.

I am pretty sure I ended up getting the appetizer zaru soba ($7) from the main menu, so I am not really sure about the difference between that and the special pop-up soba.

The soba was nicely firm, and the accompanying sauce was delicious. And! Real wasabi, people. It was lovely.

They are in soft opening until March 1. No liquor license yet. They are serving the sobas, some tempura, and the waitress said something that is like yakitori but fried. This morning, I'm sorry I wasn't my usual intrepid self in order to figure out more about what was going on with the pop-up vs main menu.

I will be returning to try and get the special sobas before 2/21.

Soba Ya
1757 Carson Street, Torrance, CA

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  1. We had the Duck Soba at the Atwater Crossings Pop-Up and it was DEVINE! Much better than than their Breadbar Pop-Up a couple of years ago, so they really are getting the consistancy right! :)



    1. Anyone else go to this? Thinking of making a reservation before they're gone..

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        My understanding is "Soba-Ya" isn't closing. It's just the "Common Grains" -- A Japanese government propaganda funded by a giant food importer(!?!) -- is a pop-up.

        1. re: TonyC

          I meant to say before the pop up is gone. =)

          1. re: mstinawu

            the pop-up only has 2 menu items, a mushroom seiro soba and a pecan soba. i had the mushroom one. it was good but kinda pricey, and i haven't had soba very often so i couldn't tell the difference between this and a soba that wasn't hand-cut. sorry for such a terrible review, lol.

            soba-ya does seem pretty cool though. i'd like to eat there more often and try their regular noodles. i liked the taiyaki.