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Bar Ferdinand tonight... scene and/or recs

tfalbo Feb 10, 2012 09:05 AM

Hi Everyone.

We are trying Bar Ferdinand tonight with great enthusiasm.
Have never been, so I was trying to get a sense of what kind of scene it is. Casual, dressed up a bit, sneakers, etc.?

Also, any recs? I have been poring over the menu and have not really been able to narrow down much, but ordering "the entire menu please" seems a little gluttonous for two lighter eaters.

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    tfalbo Feb 17, 2012 07:29 AM

    Little late in reporting back, but enjoyed the meal very much.
    It was exactly as advertised, scene wise, a mix of casual and slightly more dressed up, but in more of a Northern Liberties sense than an Olde City sense. Very comfortable for a Friday night meal after a very long week. They even threw in a few obnoxious patrons, reminiscent of another Chow thread from last week.

    I had a very elaborate plan for lots of exciting things, but after the aforementioned horribly long week, and based on a few dining restrictions, we ended up exclusively with very familiar, basic flavors. Sometimes, when I'm just about ready to collapse on a Friday, I would much rather have bread spread with crushed tomatoes than something new or exotic to my pallate. I wonder if anyone else on CH feels the same?

    So we ended up with the following:
    -pan con tomate (as simple, and, by my mind, pleasant, as food can be. perfect way to start a meal, even though it takes up valuable stomach space)
    -filet skewers (would have been better off with a fattier cut, as it was a little bit dry, but it could have been charred to coal and that romesco still would have been delicious)
    -chicken sandwich (I don't even like chicken, but this was delightful)
    -jamon croquette (quite good, crispy outside, creamy inside. exactly what you would hope for out of a croquette, if a bit down-the-middle)
    -patatas bravas (any type of fried potatoes are my default comfort food after a long week, so these were non-negotiable, and quite good)

    I also had a sherry tasting. I had never drank sherry before, only cooked with it, and I thought it was fantastic. They give you three half glasses for $14 (for me, it was closer to three full glasses!), and I really enjoyed the first two tastes (the drier, crisper sherries). The third was the sweeter variety, which was a little bit sweet for my tastes, but still interesting. Highly recommend this.

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      PhillyA Feb 10, 2012 01:03 PM

      It's been a little bit (too long) since I've been there, but I love Bar Ferdinand. It's pretty casual - generally not McDonalds style sloppy, but jeans and sneakers won't look out of place.

      A couple favorites:

      - Manchego Frito (that's the apple foam one)
      - Date empanada
      - Pan con tomate (simple, but I love it)
      - Baked Goat Cheese
      - Both the vegetable & chicken/chorizo sandwich

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        lowereastrittenhouse Feb 10, 2012 11:54 AM

        I love the fired stuffed dates.

        BF is dressier of a place than, say, Standard Tap, but in all pretty casual.

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          Hungryin theBurbs Feb 10, 2012 12:06 PM

          +1 on the stuffed dates. And all the things on skewers are great, i think. As for dress, it is mixed. There are definitely people there who dress up (more hipster than elegant), but you wouldn't be uncomfortable to be more casual. Have fun!

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          sylviag Feb 10, 2012 11:10 AM

          Bar Ferdinand is great. Very casual, not at all dressed up.

          The best way to order is to order just a few things at a time and share.
          They are used to people ordering that way.
          Then you can order a few more things.
          The only items we avoid are the sandwich/bun things because we don't need to waste time on
          that amount of bread.
          There is one apple foam one that we never miss. I don't have the menu in front of me,
          so I don't remember the details.
          The waitperson will tell you how many portions are on each item you order - two, three, four.
          That's why it's good for sharing.
          Everything we've ever tried has been excellent, including the salads and desserts.
          Enjoy it and report back!

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