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Need FANCY Kosher Restaurant in Boston/Cambridge Area

HELP! I need to find a REALLY nice restaurant to send our business owners and their uber-wealthy friends to eat in May and they are kosher. I have NO idea where to begin.

The place has to sit around 12-13 people easily and the prices are not an issue. Has to be fancy, super nice and serve many kosher meal options.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't think there is such a place. AFAIK, only Milk Street Cafe is kosher in Boston. Here is the list for Brookline:

    Cafe Eilat 406 Harvard St, 277 7770 (D)
    Jerusalem Pita 10 Pleasant St, 739-2400 (M)
    Rami's Falafel 324 Harvard St, 738 3577 (M)
    Rubin's Deli 500 Harvard St, 731 8787 (M)
    Taam China 423 Harvard St, 264 7274 (M)

    M is meat and D is dairy. I think there's another Taam China in Newton. There isn't much kosher dining around here.

    1. I'm not aware of any really high-end kosher establishments anywhere in the Boston area. Ta'am China on Harvard St. in Brookline is white-tablecloth Chinese-American, but I wouldn't call it fancy. Still, most of the other kosher places in town are simple felafel or pizza joints so that may be your best bet.


      1. Funny you mention this, as the NY Times reviewed Kutsher’s this week. It's a new high end restaurant in NYC focusing on food from the Jewish community in Eastern Europe

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          The new Kutsher's TriBeCa is not kosher, although they serve Jewish-derived foods. The same is true of Carnegie Deli and many other "Jewish-style" restaurants in New York. But New York does have options for reasonably high-end kosher dining, while Boston really doesn't.

        2. Brandeis University in Waltham has kosher catering, and a number of on campus venues you can rent out, but 12-13 people probably isn't enough for an "event"

          1. Would a vegan restaurant work? No meat or dairy, so they might be fine with it. I was thinking of True Bistro in Somerville. Not SUPER fancy, but white tablecloths, quiet ambiance and decent winelist. Food is inventive and well prepared. Really, though, I find it hard to believe that they would expect a fancy kosher restaurant to exist here. I might confer with them about their expectations and what they would be comfortable with. Otherwise, I think the suggestion for a catered event might be best (as L2K suggested). Catering by Andrew in Brookline is probably your best bet for kosher, and they might have suggestions for a place where you could host the party:

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              I have friends who keep kosher and also travel quite a bit. They are very used to having to make small concessions ( even though technically there is no such thing as a "small concession" when it comes to whether or not something is kosher). The vegan route is something that has always worked when they visit us. The OP should ask about that possibility pointing out the kosher limitations. Unless these people seldom stray from home or NYC there's a good chance they have run into this issue before and will have a quick answer.

            2. I would call Catering by Andrew in Brookline. Andrew can make his food high end and he is very creative. He will help you find a venue where your guests can eat and he can cook. He has helped me out several times and his food is so good, people will ask whether it is kosher.

              1. As others have said there really is not a fancy restaurant in Boston or the surrounding cities.

                Rubins - http://rubinsboston.com/ will give you the most variety on the menu.
                Ramis - http://ramisboston.com/ - is excellent Israeli food - the standard fare Schwarma Falafel and schnitzel
                Taam China - http://www.taamchina.com/index.html - In my opinion one of the better kosher chinese restaurants I have been - it is definitely in my top 5

                You might also want to post this in the Kosher board of Chowhound

                Taam China Restaurant
                423 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

                Rubin's Kosher Deli
                500 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

                Rami's Food Products
                324 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

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                  and to add if they have been to Boston you might ask if they have a preferred restaurant - I keep kosher and I when I travel particularly if I have been there in the past I have my list of favorite restaurants to hit

                2. My boss always took our kosher vendors to lunch at Legal Seafood and they never complained. I would investigate the Chestnut Hill Legal.

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                    Legal Seafood is not kosher, nor do I think it would be acceptable to anyone who really wants to keep kosher. They serve shellfish, dairy and meat (non-kosher meat) all from the same kitchen. There are folks who keep kosher at home, but eat out at non-kosher establishments, which may have been the case with your vendors. However, the OP seems to want a real kosher meal for their guests, so I'm guessin' Legals wouldn't cut it.

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                      The OP might like to hear from a New York hound who has had this dilemma

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                        Difference is the Kosher restaurant scene is drastically different in cities like NYC, Miami and LA than cities like Boston, Chicago and the like - There are many more fine dining choices that rival their non-kosher counter parts.

                        Your lucky if you can find a fancy retaurant what you have to accepts id good food in an acceptable setting.

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                          I'm not quite sure how this helps the OP, since the post describes good NYC restaurants. I think the best thing is to find out from the guests what is/is not acceptable to them, since everyone's degree of kashrut can be quite variable.

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                        Not at ALL acceptable to someone who really keeps kosher!

                      3. Others are correct. There are no high end kosher places around here.... having Andrew's in private venue is your safest bet. There are a few other Caterers too... Andrews isn't the only game in town, but probably the easiest. and cater most of the high end events.

                        Otherwise the alternative is the kosher Chinese place in newton Ta'Am China... which isn't very good, by non-kosher standards, but is a common destination for strict kosher vip's in the area.

                        If they are strictly observant, you'll be wasting your time at places like Legals and you may even offend them.

                        1. Need FANCY Kosher Restaurant in Boston/Cambridge Area

                          Don't we all.

                          Seriously, If you have as many as 12 people, you have an easy solution. Call Catering by Andrew and have him cater it in a private venue. Boston is loaded with wonderful old clubs, spaces you can hire for the evening form a museum or private club, even historic house museums where they can do this sort of thing beautifully. Andrew can probably recommend venues.

                          1. I am guessing you already had your function and wonder what you decided to do? I agree with the others in that there are no really nice kosher restaurants in Boston. There are a few casual places in Brookline, but nothing approaching what you can get in New York City. I also suggest working with Andrew. He should be able to help you.