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Feb 10, 2012 08:53 AM

Betterday Coffee, Santa Fe: Stumptown Coffee, serious craft

Just a heads-up that there's a very good new coffeehouse in the Solana Shopping Center (where La Montanita is).

They use Stumptown Coffee (Portland's darling of the Third Wave coffee movement), they have a high-end La Marzocco espresso machine, and know how to pull espresso and steam milk.

They have some kitchen fare I haven't tried, very little in the way of pastries and snacks.

Good seating, appropriately pretentious hipster vibe, lots of seating, free parking.

Espresso up in Santa Fe is now really about Holy Spirit and this place, and Holy Spirit doesn't have anywhere to park or sit. (Downtown Subscription is excellent when it's on, but of variable quality depending on who's working.)

So glad this place is here, it really fills a void.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up...a new coffeehouse in Santa Fe is always nice...

    However, Holy Spirit....aahhhh....a nice walk through the plaza, early morning, from my hotel room into the morning air and always consistent, welcoming, fantastic espresso.
    I really don't know what I'd do without it there.

    Here's sending lots of good energy to you, Holy Spirit.

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    1. re: latindancer

      Agree, Holy Spirit is excellent, and Bill is a character. It's also right near my office, which is a plus. When the weather is good (which of course is to say 'usually') it's nice to sip the coffee out on the plaza.

      Recent discovery: the coffee stand at Collected Works Bookstore makes truly good espresso drinks as well. Obviously latte art isn't directly related to great taste, but I find it to be a reliable indicator, and the folks at Collected Works (and Betterday) are into the latte art thing.

      1. re: latindancer

        Holy Spirit is the be all end all of my espresso routine in Santa Fe. I'm sure the new place is good, but they DON'T HAVE BILL. :-)

      2. Good to see new Espresso shops open! Not so excited about them using a medium size out of state product. What is great about Stumptown in the Northwest is that they are in the Northwest. Even the Seattle stores do well but they get dominated by the local Independent Seattle Roasters (Vivace') Stumptown dominates Portland and should because they are a Portland company. A huge part of the 3rd wave coffee culture is the local factor. I hope Betterday does well and look forward to checking them out.

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        1. re: loves2eatNM

          "A huge part of the 3rd wave coffee culture is the local factor."

          Interesting comment. Out of curiosity, is it your perception that this is a question of freshness, or of food miles? Or something else?

          1. re: finlero

            Great question finlero,
            For me I try to support local small businesses to invest in my local community. Shop Local, keep it local & support small business. The idea of spending local dollars and having it ultimately help buy the Stumptown CEO another vacation home or Lexus is sort of a buzz kill. Currently at 9 locations and growing they may soon loose their small appeal to many fans. Seattle's Vivace has been around for a very long time and has elected to stay smaller. In my opinion they are the small independent many northwest coffee start-ups wish to be. For many of the elite coffee crowd in Seattle there is no better. On the flip side Starbuck's does an amazing business in the exact same market. Even further down the refined food & beverage chain McDonald's sells a crap load of their chemical iced coffee as well.

            Different markets generate a wide range of coffee icons, check out Blue Bottle (10 locations San Fran & NY) or Intelligencia (11 semi national locations) both are not from the Pacific Northwest and dominate their markets.

            The good news in all this is that while New Mexico may not be on any coffee list or ready for an 8.00 artisan hand pour over or siphon beverage, the local scene is maturing and god knows it is well over time.

        2. I checked this place out a few Saturdays ago, and while I honestly would have a tough time telling good espresso from bad I have to say I just loved the vibe - at 10:00 am there was a DJ in back spinning vinyl records LOUD, the garage-style door was rolled up to let in the cool morning air and provide a view of the Earth Day festivities in the parking lot, and the clientele looked like a perfect cross-section of Santa Fe demographics. This couldn't be much farther from my house and still be in Santa Fe, but I think it will become part of my regular rotation. Thanks for the tip!

          1. I enjoyed an impeccable Gibralter (or what they called a "corto") at Betterday this afternoon. Thanks finlero for your post about them.