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Jul 11, 1999 12:45 PM

Patterson, CA: Blues Cafe

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Anyone familiar with Central California will probably
regard Patterson as a backwater.

Patterson, however, has some of the best coffee to be
had in the middle of the state. The Blues Cafe is
located in Patterson's downtown, on Del Puerto Ave.
They have some of the best coffee drinks I've had
outside Seattle, and are better than anything in my
hometown, the "big city" of the area, Modesto.

Also a good selection of sandwiches for lunch, and some
tuely zany decor. Recommended.


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  1. n
    Nike Stahlecker

    Hello this is Nike Stahlecker

    Last school year I was an exchange student in Patterson and in our last 5 month me and my brasilian friend went every day together to Blues Cafe.

    At the moment my friend is again in Patterson to visit everyone and she said she already there to eat you great Bagels.
    I love them soooo bad.
    I hope I will also come back to Patterson soon, so I can eat again something really good, what my stomach miss veery much! (:

    with best regards

    P.S. While he time we were coming everyday, there was a guy working there, black air, tall, veeeery nice. Me and Celle wanted to tell Hi to him.