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Feb 10, 2012 08:12 AM

La Vignarola, Rome

Is there anywhere in Rome that does La Vignarola best? We are visiting at the end of April (18-22) and hope to hit the window for it!

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  1. I had planned to post the same question, as I couldn't find anything in prior posts. I will be in Rome from April 10-15th on my own, then back for a couple of days later in the month with my husband. I have fond memories of vignarola from my last trip to Rome during April, but it was several years ago and I can't remember where I had the dish.

    1. armando al pantheon does a pretty mean vignarola.


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        and some really nice baby lamb if you want to follow it up.

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          i like flavio al velavevodetto for really nice lamb. they do it scottaditto and sometimes fried. the latter is heaven.

      2. Until about ten years ago (maybe a bit more; I tend to lose track), only a handful of places made vignarola and a surprising number of people had never heard of it, despite its established place in local tradition. There are so many styles of making it that it's hard to talk about the best, but Checchino always has it (in season, of course) and it's very good. The stop-traffic best (not counting the ones I never tried) was always at La Briciola, in Grottaferrata, which is the one I emulate when I make it at home (cook the three ingredients separately, not stew together, among other things). It is now so popular that in season I would expect any good restaurant to make a good vignarola.

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          I was lucky (or unlucky) to have my very first vignarola at La Briciola years ago. After eating the first portion i had ordered, i ordered and ate two more, with no diminishing returns. I was the laugh of the place that evening. (i closed dinner with, if i remember correctly, a dessert called sbricciola) No place has ever come close, unfortunately not in my kitchen, either.

        2. I can't comment on La Bricciola, since I've never been there (but will now if only to try the Vignarola!) but in the center I've had great Vignarola at Al Moro, where they often add asparagus if they are in season. Other good ones at: Pompiere, La Campana and Perilli. As Maureen says, each place does it differently, so you could Vignarola-hop your way through Rome while you're here and ever repeat yourself.