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Feb 10, 2012 07:43 AM

Burrata in Eastchester opening

I saw a sign on the door saying it will open at 5pm on Monday the 13th. Looking foward to trying it out!

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  1. Where is this restaurant located?

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    1. re: Maryld

      If you know Eastchester it's on the corner of Mill Road and White Plains Road. Where the old Martini's and Chocolate use to be. A few doors down from Pipers Kilt. With all the Brick Oven Pizza craze going on I hope these guys are good.

      1. re: paris1976

        I do too. I am not crazy about the state of pizza in Eastchester, even with the new place around the corner. I hope this place changes my mind.

        P.S. You could have said diagonally across from Jackie's Bistro : )

        1. re: jhopp217

          Thanks. I was trying to get more info on this place--such as the owner--but found only this on Craig's list help wanted: " Burrata, is an exciting new farm to table restaurant focusing on Italian rooted food and beverages. Burrata specializes in artisianal wood fired pizza." Also it seems that Michael Psilakis is opening up a place in Westchester.

          1. re: Maryld

            Oh sorry! I only know that much actually. Date and location. Didn't realise it was a farm to table restaurant. So does that mean more $$ for a pizza and italian food? I hope not :-(

            1. re: Maryld

              Maryld - i was also trying to get info (none) but did find a picture of the first pizza out of there oven on google image search - looked too much dough and i personally prefer the aged (?) mozzarella over the fresh. pepes when they are at their best, lincoln lounge, johnnies and colony are some of my faves, sal's at time and north broadway,in either armonk or n. white plains, but most slices will do in a pinch.

              1. re: rich51

                Rich51....when was the last time you were at Colony? I used to love the place. Went about three years ago and hated it and we waited forever (not during lunch).

                1. re: jhopp217

                  jhopp217- been several months since colony but the sausage pie was still very good to me, currently unable to get anywheres due to surgery. broadway pizza in n. white plains and n. broadway pizza in armonk are both good slice joints with fair prices, i think they are more consistent and better than sal's in mamk . sals is capable of a great slice but it is usually only average.imho

                  1. re: rich51

                    Sorry to hear about the limitations...mine are due to no vehicle these days. I completely agree with you on sal's

            2. re: jhopp217

              That's true jhopp. I hope it is as good after all this waiting....I could have said it was across from Jakies. Didn't think of it :-)

            3. re: paris1976

              These guy ARE good! The pizza is authentic, neapolitan, wood fired goodness!

          2. i tried it yesterday. Food is good... not a large menu. i found it to be pricey for the area.. pizza prices and wine prices are NY priced..

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            1. re: blondie420

              and the service can be improved. very slow

            2. Was not impressed with Burrata. The service was lackluster, the food was just ok and the menu was way over priced. They have a few kinks to work out if they want to be successful. New rival Polpetina wins my vote.

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              1. re: kazykobes

                commented on your other post and I have to ask...more pricey than Polpettina? I paid $9.75 for two slices of mediocre thin pizza. Wasn't impressed. I also perused their menu online the other day and didn't go there, because when i made my choices, I realized dinner for one was going to be around $35.

                1. re: jhopp217

                  jhopp217 - my gut is that you will not be happy with the portion to price ratio. If you're looking for really good pizza - at normal pizza prices try Full Moon (Arthur Ave), Patricia's (Morris Park Road)

                  1. re: kazykobes

                    I know they have a fancy wood oven to make the pizza in at Burrata. Maybe that makes the difference in the style and tastes compared to Polpettina? Again I have not had the chance to try Pol and waiting for the hoopla to die down before I try Barrata....Believe me I love a good thin crust wood fired pizza. Looking foward to the reviews!

                    1. re: paris1976

                      paris1976- have you tried anthony's coal fired oven in wp- good but something lacking imo,much better pricing at lunch time or even f&f in mamk or hartsdale?

                      1. re: rich51

                        If Anthony's is the place my friend told me about - down from the Target parking lot....I heard the pizza is good, but the ribs are out of this world

                        1. re: jhopp217

                          Been to Anthony's a few times - the pizza is good, though I wish they put a little more sauce on their pies. The ribs are good too, but it's the chicken wings which I think are the standout. Each piece is massive, a small order of 10 is easily a meal.

                          1. re: kdgchow

                            It's funny you should mention that. My friend loves their wings and told me I'd like them because they are huge. He likes small crispy wings and I prefer large juicy, so I thought he was pulling my leg

                        2. re: rich51

                          No I have not tried those place....What's F and F?

                          1. re: paris1976

                            frankie and fanucci's (f&f ) is in both hartsdale and mamaroneck, again interesting but not great, in fact in hartsdale there is a pizza place across the street with very good slices, the better (preferred ones) have toppings and a bit pricy but very good, f&f is more of a restaurant and whole pies only

                            1. re: rich51

                              This is defintely not a slice joint but instead a sophisticated little gem of a place where you can enjoy a glass of wine served in a proper wine glass and savor the taste of exquisitely prepared food.

                  2. re: kazykobes

                    The service was friendly and, despite the fact that they had just opened their doors for the first time ever, they did a fair job. Just like a fine wine, the service will improve with time. The food was exquisite, not just the pizze but the other small dishes as well. This will be my new "go to" place to have a quality bite to eat when I don't want to cook at home.

                    1. re: kazykobes

                      I agree. Pizza was salty and lacking sauce. Thin pizza must have a firm bottom to hold it up so it all doesn't slide off the slice when you pick it up. This pizza had a charred crust but soggy underside. Frankie & Fanucci's is much better in this regard, and has more sauce. I havent tried Polpetina, however.

                    2. I just went and have to say that it is beautiful and warm inside ...what a difference over the old Martini and Chocolates. The gorgeous tile covered oven is a centerpiece to the subtle hued dining room....and the crispy pizzas are just delicious. Imaginative combinations are delightful and different in a town where pizza is everywhere! Try the Parigi...similar to an Onion soup combination bit laid on a thin crust ...heaven. The place just opened so kinks are yet to be ironed out in service...but the heart of the place appears to be full of life and hospitality. I can't wait to return,...

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                      1. re: Spreadingtheglamour

                        @Spreadingtheglamour...Very well put! My husband and I love the place and have been there twice already in, this, their first week. Try the caponata, it was delicious. We tried two different salads that were amazing too. I'm thrilled that we have discovered a new place where we will -no doubt - become regulars.