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Feb 10, 2012 07:16 AM

Restaurants in Norfolk, Va

We will be in Norfolk for 2 nights in March. Any special restaurants? I'm not interested in Asian or Italian. I can get that in NY. I have heard about Todd Jurich's Bistro and 456 Fish. Are they good picks?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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  1. I don't know about Todd Jurich's and 456 (haven't lived in the area for a while now), but here are a couple of interesting places in Norfolk and the surrounding areas: -- Doumar's is an old drive-in diner (you can go in and sit down if you want). They're always a good option for a sandwich, milkshake, limeaid, etc. - Freemason Abbey is a restaurant that's been around for a long time, kind of a neat place to eat. Again, it's been a while since I've been so I don't know if anything has changed RE the quality of the food. - If you're willing to make the drive over to Newport News, Schlesinger's Chop House is a good steak place.

    Vintage Kitchen ( and Kincaid's ( are also good.

    I know that there are tons of fresh seafood restaurants that would be worth your while, I just can't offer any advice in that direction (allergies). Enjoy your visit!

    1. I know I am a few months late but if you ever come back to Norfolk then I recommend you try A.W. Shucks in the Ghent area of Norfolk. Best seafood in town and every element of the experience is top notch. Even the mac and cheese side for the kids is made from scratch. Best part is it caters to locals and not tourists so they actually care about your business since they want you to come back. I just love the place.

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        Thanks. We ate at Todd Jurich's Bistro--Very good, but the fish was slightly overcooked. It was walking distance from the Marriott. Next night we had hamburgers at the restaurant in the Marriott. Those were excellent. It's sort of creepy walking around at night there. No one is around