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Feb 10, 2012 06:53 AM

root beer float

My 8 year old son's only wish for his birthday is to get a root beer float. Could anyone recommend a place around the Boston area?

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  1. Check out Cabot's in Newton for an old-timey fun time:

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    1. re: Prav

      STRONGLY seconded - Cabot's is a great old-fashioned ice cream parlor and they do a fine job with the old-school fountain treats.

      I can't remember whether I've had a root beer float there, because I usually go with an ice cream soda (there's hardly anyplace else left in Boston that has any idea how to make one!) but I will enthusiastically vouch for the quality of their offerings.

      (Except the raspberry lime rickey, for some reason - DO NOT get a raspberry lime rickey at Cabot's unless you have a weird nostalgia for Za-Rex syrups.)

      1. re: Allstonian

        Third!!! Went there this past weekend and enoyed their ice cream. The kids had a great time watching the servers make ice sodas and ice cream sundaes at top speed.

        Another alternative would be a root beer float at LIzzy's (Cambridge location), if Newton is a not an option.

        1. re: Crazy Egg

          Thanks to all!!! Will check it out tomorrow. Have never heard of the place & the menu looks fantastic!!