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Feb 10, 2012 06:51 AM

Opening of Espana Restaurant in North Adams, MA?

The sign has gone up at Espana on Rt 2 in North Adams, and we've seen lights and cars a few times, but there has been no announcement and no ad for the new restaurant. Has anyone heard when it's supposed to officially open? The owners seem to be missing golden opportunities to drum up business. I know they're busy, but they need a web presence or a local ad to gain diners' attention. Thanks.

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  1. Open for business. Order a glass of fresh Sangria.

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      Just a quick update here. Though their Facebook page doesn't mention it, we finally saw the Open sign and lights on at Espana last week (4/10/13). Hooray!

    2. I have seen nothing about it in the EAGLE. I am sure that if it HAS recently opened, we'll hear about it soon.

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        Thanks, sdemo66 and AikiLou. I also just stumbled upon a review online, though it talked more about the wines than the food. The diners enjoyed their experience enough to express a wish to return. That sounds promising. We'll have to check it out. I'll let you know what we thought.

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          So, terrierboy, I was like thinking about Espana like as a like dinner option before the like Justin Towns Earle concert at MOCA tomorror night.

          1. re: AikiLou

            LMAO, AikiLou! Here's hoping the like experience will be like a wow, like, you know? We might try it in the the next week or so.

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              Hey, Hey...TerrierBoy...we never DID get to Justin Earle that night...had dinner in town at Zinc instead...but, I DO want to try Espana...

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                Hope you enjoyed Zinc, AikiLou. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread. We ate dinner at Espana three times during the summer/autumn, including twice with friends. We all loved it. The staff accommodated our every desire and seemed well-informed about food allergies, etc. They even made me a special drink. The food seemed varied, fresh and delicious. We loved the chorizo and lentils, shrimp with garlic sauce, potatoes with paprika (not for the faint of heart or tongue), wild mushrooms, cod croquettes and several salads. The tarta de Santiago (almond cake with coffee cream) tasted marvelous. We loved it so much I created a similar recipe at home.

                My only fear has been in recent weeks. Espana has been closed much of the winter. A friend said she heard somewhere the restaurant owners decided to take a hiatus because business had been so slow. I just hope they'll reopen come spring. Lately, we haven't had much luck with places that take a hiatus to "reorganize." I'm still seething over what Frank Lewis did to Green River Farm and The Store at Five Corners.

                1. re: terrierboy

                  Update: As of summer, 2014, Espana has closed indefinitely. Another sad loss for the ever-declining North County restaurant scene. We tend to eat out in the South County or Vermont these days.

                  1. re: terrierboy

                    New update: As of this weekend, there is a For Sale sign in front of Espana. Stick a fork in it.... We find ourselves going to Coyote Flaco (same owners as Espana) instead, though it's just not the same. They have a couple of similar dishes, though that seems cold comfort. We find ourselves traveling to VT for most of our restaurant meals these days. Adios, Espana.

                    1. re: terrierboy

                      Where in VT, Terrieboy? We're in Stamford, VT, and never got the chance to try Espana in its short lifespan. Coyote Flaco was unimpressive.

                      Used to love Isabellas before it closed. We had our wedding reception there. I wonder what will come next? I hear you on the declining dining scene for North County. :(

                      I'm looking to take some friends out this week who are staying in Willitown. Espana might have been perfect, since my guest is my former Spanish teacher, but alas, I need a new direction!