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Feb 10, 2012 05:56 AM

West Roxbury

Any suggestions of Ok places to eat in West Roxbury? any kind of food?

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  1. Masona Grill is pretty good. check out their menu on line.

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    1. West on Centre is pretty good. Rox diner. Real Deal. Lots of places. Search "West Roxbury" here and you'll find a whole bunch

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      1. re: L2k

        thanks very much for this suggestion.

        1. re: Dave MP

          Thanks for your suggestion. I plan to try it out.

        2. Porter Cafe, Phuket... Depends on whether you want takeout or eat in - lots of other great takeout options (e.g., Red-Eyed Pig...)

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            Thought I'd give Masona Grill a plug as a way of bumping this thread, as I ate there last night with my wife. We had not been by in a while for dinner, and happened to catch them on a wine dinner night - so we had the pleasure of choosing a la carte from the wine dinner courses, the specials and the menu. So we mixed and matched, with the yucca fries (always a favorite) and the beet salad (same) from the main menu, the grilled calamari and Argentinian churrasco from the wine courses, and the mushroom ceviche from the specials menu. Everything was fantastic, and refreshing to see in terms of creativity. The calamari dish, in particular, included a polenta-like paste and small eggplants (Indian?) for a nice mix of tastes and textures, and the hanger steak in the churrasco was marinated in red wine and chili pepper and came with a nice (spicy hot - habaneros) slaw and fingerling potatoes. Very enjoyable, and glad to see that every time I visit (regrettably, only about 3 times a year) the menu more or less turns over completely save for a few staples.

            Bonus: they have Fernet!

            In related WR news, Rox Diner is seeking a beer & wine license in conjunction with restarting dinner service at the original Centre St. location.

            And as L2k suggests above, a search will provide plenty of other WR options, but I'll list them here for you, in East-to-West order along Centre & Spring Sts. from the Holy Name Rotary to the VFW Parkway/Dedham line:

            West on Centre (bistro)
            Porter Cafe (gastropub)
            Himalayan Bistro (Indian/Nepalese)
            Los Amigos (Mexican take out)
            The Red-Eyed Pig (BBQ take out)
            Thai Spice (take out)
            Banh Mi Ngon (take out)
            Comella's (Italian take out)
            Phuket (Thai)
            Rox Diner
            The Real Deal (sandwiches & pizza, with Sugar Baking Co. next door)
            Masona Grill (a block off of Centre on Corey St., next to the Highland commuter rail station)
            Sticky Rice Cafe (Thai, sushi, other pan-Asian)
            West Roxbury Pub (Irish)
            Corrib (Irish)
            Lean Works (healthy sandwiches)
            Spring St. Cafe (diner; Italian dinners)
            Sofia's Steakhouse (on VFW at Spring St.; steak and Italian)

            I probably left out a few pizza places and chains, but you get the gist.

            1. re: ML02132

              Nice list. I used to think poorly of WR but in the last year or so along Centre Street, a half dozen new places mentioned above have opened up that markedly extend diversity in a couple of blocks.

              1. re: ML02132

                Great list! All i would add is Al Wadi.

                Not to thread jack, but is Lean Works any good? I have been meaning to give it a try.

                1. re: hynespb

                  Ah yes, I'm embarrassed to have forgotten Al Wadi.

                  I like Lean Works. The concept is interesting, with a choice of breads (or a bowl), meat and sauce. I am partial to the pulled pork with Memphis BBQ sauce on a bun. Nice texture, lean meat and tangy sauce. The California Chicken Wrap is also nice, with shredded chicken, avocado and bacon.

                  All of the menu items are under 490 calories, but they don't skimp on portions. This is the first in what is planned to be a chain.

                  I'm interested to hear what others think about it here - I've had consistently good reviews from others in the neighborhood.

                  1. re: ML02132

                    I had a "Philly shaved steak" in a bun there last week and thought it was delicious. Had cheese and peppers and was a very generous portion.

            2. Interested to hear of any updates to this

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                Lean Works has closed, and The Upper Crust was closed and reopened by the owners of Porter Cafe as the Parlour. But Parlour closed last week and will reopen soon under new ownership. The owners of The Squealing Pig in Mission Hill have also purchased the West Roxbury Pub and are in the process of overhauling the restaurant and bar. Rox has it's beer & wine license, but is only open for lunch and breakfast. The folks at Spring St. Cafe also opened Baker Baker at Spring & Baker Sts., which is a really great bakery that also serves lunch. Enjoy...

                1. re: ML02132

                  Also Banh Mi Ngon opened near West on Centre since this thread started, which is great for fast banh mi sandwiches and also pho. And vietnamese iced coffee if you want a jolt that will keep you awake all day long.

                  1. re: ML02132

                    What happened to The Parlour? It was open for such a brief time...

                    1. re: ML02132

                      West Roxbury update time: Mangia Neapolitan Pizza & Yogoteria (frozen yogurt bar) is opening this week in the space formerly known as The Parlour, which is also the space formerly known as The Upper Crust. Gone is the beer & wine license, FYI. Down the road, the WR Pub has been closed for renovations and should reopen in part later this summer. Finally, in the space formerly occupied by Lean Works on Spring St. (Shaw's Plaza), BurgerFi is proposing to open with a beer & wine license (one current location, on Comm. Ave near the Paradise in Allston).

                      1. re: ML02132

                        The West Roxbury Pub was sold to the owner of the Squealing Pig, and will become "Eat with Jack O'Neill", whatever kind of name that is.

                        Wuuuuut on BurgerFi - that would be cool. And telling of our eating habits. LeanWorks lasts a nanosecond, watch BurgerFi have lines down the block.

                        1. re: Bugsey34

                          They seem to be open, at least part time, but no menu on their site. Has anyone yet "eaten with Jack O'Neill"?

                          1. re: L2k

                            I did try Eat With Jack O'Neill. I've only visited the bar side that's currently open, I think the full restaurant is still under construction. The interior is nicely done and I like the aesthetic of the bar side.
                            The cocktail list is simple - I think I had a French 75. I then had the egg salad on toast appetizer that was good, tangy with some vinegar. I had the fish cakes and asked them to be without smoked salmon on top. Instead I got potato cakes with smoked salmon on top - something that wasn't even on the menu. Strange. But I chalked this up to opening jitters and sent it back. The fish cakes came and were filled with salmon which was OK I guess.... when I see fish cakes on a menu in Boston I don't think salmon cakes. There was a lot of salmon all over the menu in general. Missing from the menu is chicken. I don't think there's one chicken entree. My DC got a kale salad.

                            So far it looks promising but I think this menu needs work and some variety. There's been a lot of grumbling amongst the West Rox community that the burger is too small for $15 or whatever it costs, they don't like the food, etc. but then again they complain about prices on nearly anything so it's hard to know if that's going to last or not. We'll see what the menu is like once they are fully open. This kind of pub food should not be hard.

                    2. re: meeps2002

                      I second Banh Mi Ngon. I also really like the fish tacos at Los Amigos.

                      1. re: Kip McSkipster

                        Thirded, and Red Eyed Pig is really good, too for barbecue, and some odd items (pork belly donuts). Ate at Redd's in Rozzie recently, and thought it was very good, in the locally sourced gastropubby vein. They had a special on duck, which included breast, confit and gizzards - definitely not something I thought I would see. I had the monkfish wrapped in bacon, which was very good, but the scallops on top of a warm five-spiced chickpea puree (hot hummus?) were really excellent.

                        1. re: nsenada

                          seems Red has found a cheap source for duck as it was on the brunch menu as a special as well, and really quite tasty (I had both the duck offerings because I love duck, and they sounded right in my wheelhouse anyways) They were running a 'duck wing' buffalo style with gizzards (confit leg, gizzards, breaded and deep fried, tossed in hot sauce and served with blue cheese dressing that was clearly home made, mild, but nice) and a duck papusa (confit of duck meat, shredded, sliced cabbage, crema and I think salsa verde on a crispy fluffy tortilla like bed), which was literally the perfect amount of spicy. Sadly, my picky eater son wouldn't eat his sticky bun because it didn't look exactly like other sticky buns he has had so he won't eat doubt we'll be able to brunch there anytime soon...maybe when his palette finally matures :(

                          1. re: devilham

                            That's funny, as my son was the one who wanted the gizzards plate (and I was the one who was too squeamish).

                            1. re: nsenada

                              Jealous....well, not really, love my little guy, just wished he would eat more

                          2. re: nsenada

                            I love love love Redd's in Rozzie though sadly not technically in West Roxbury!