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Feb 10, 2012 05:15 AM

Boston Hounds Headed to The SLC.

We'll be in Salt Lake for the first week of March visiting family. We're planning a day trip to Park City and will be spending two nights in Moab.

We'd love to take our family (brother/wife-- in their early 30's) for a nice dinner as a 'thank you'. Read great things about Forage...but that might be too much (for the wallet...? and a little formal?) for our group dinner.

Any recommendations for good markets (cheese,artisan goods), must stop by coffee spots, lunch places and dinner?

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  1. Not a SLC local, but frequent visitor. Forage is a little over the top. Copper Onion and Eva are both nice options. Well-prepared, interesting food, both a little noisy (but fun places). My favorite coffee place is Coffee Garden at 9th/9th.

    1. Pago would be another good option to look into for a nice dinner in addition to Copper Onion or Eva- shouldn't hurt the wallet as bad as Forage and not as formal.

      In terms of markets, there is Tony Caputo's at 300 W 300 S downtown (they have a cheese cave) and Liberty Heights Fresh in the 9th and 9th area. I second the Coffee Garden, and I also liked the Rose Establishment (near 200 S 400 W downtown). If you are interested in bakery treats, I would recommend Les Madeleines (500 S 200 E)- I just left SLC and miss it terribly!

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